Former Gov. Pat McCrory falsely says many college students are committing voter fraud – News & Observer

The Gate Keeper’s response: Funny how Pat said in his particular election that Voter ID was a problem but then when he was found to be lying he changed his tune. When one wants to make such a claim one ought to get their facts straight about the law. Hell he should have talked to the board of elections and asked how the students could vote. If Pat had won re-election it would not have been an issue. Another myth to justify the need for Voter ID.


While recounts were happening in Florida for the governor’s office and a seat in the U.S. Senate, a former North Carolina governor who lost his own seat in a recount offered some advice to Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott.

Former N.C. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said Scott should watch the vote tallies coming in from areas with large college student populations.

“In my particular election we had a lot of college students, who were out-of-state college students, vote,” McCrory said. “And they could do it because there was no voter ID which would’ve showed New Jersey license plates, Pennsylvania license plates, you name it. …. And I couldn’t do a thing about it.”

McCrory later continued: “The question is where do they actually live? … If they voted in North Carolina and yet their car is registered elsewhere, they have a driver’s license from elsewhere, they’re breaking the law. And there is no way we can prove it.” (Read more)

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