Pinetops Runs Into Issues With Comp Time For Police – Tar River Times Van Holland

The Town of Pinetops has run into an issue after the board asked town manager Natalie Bess to put a plan together regarding comp time for exempt police officers. What the board failed to see when they voted to approve Bess’ plan of a cap of 40 hours of comp time for three of the town’s officers, who are considered exempt employees, is how quick they max out those hours due to the shortage in officers.
Police Chief Stacy Harrell spoke to the board and tried to get them to understand that being understaffed it’s hard to take comp time and work the hours off with three of their five police officers being exempt employees.
“The way the 40-hour cap works is when they reach that amount they don’t earn anymore comp time until they use some of those hours,” Harrell said. “But we’re requesting that we convert those hours to sick leave.”
Harrell requested that if an exempt officer worked 10 hours overtime, why not put it on sick leave instead of comp time since all three exempt officers have capped out their comp time already.
Harrell told the board that sick leave is never paid during the employees tenured time. But Mayor Steve Burress interrupted Harrell and said he needed to remember one thing – that if you retired and had a year’s worth of sick leave before you retire it’ll cost us. (Read more)