If I Can Hope Somebody Then My Living Will Not Have Been In Vain

Thank you Vice-Chair Mary P Wells for acknowledging me during our Human Relations Meeting on yesterday. She seen the post where I had responded to her friend and my friend Linda Tharrington Goines that she needed a ride from Greenville to Tarboro to get her car because she had been at the Emergency Room with her husband all evening. I seen the post and responded. I left home Pinetops and drove to Greenville picked her up and took her Tarboro.

I told Vice-Chair Wells that I bet folk were saying that black man going to Greenville to pick up a white lady.

Race matters but we need to not get it twisted and know when it matters. This was a friend in need and I will try to help anyone if I can and when I can.

Vice-Chair Wells said that is what we are suppose to be about humanity. I totally agree.

If I can hope somebody then my living will not have been in vain.