Election Day November 6, 2018 Edgecombe County

Get Out & Vote

Voting Begins

November 6, 2018

6:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Front Side of Ballot

Left Side of Ballot

Congressman G.K. Butterfield                                                     

Milton F. (Toby) Fitch, Jr.                                       

Shelly Willingham                                          

Robert Evans                                       

Carol Allen White

Middle of Ballot

Clee Atkinson                                                

Anita Earls                          

John S. Arrowood                 

Tobias (Toby) Hampson     

Carol Allen White

Left Side Of Ballot

Allegra Katherine Collins 

Walter H. Godwin, Jr.

Pell Cooper

Wayne S. Boyette

Alton R. Skinner

Cody Waters

Back Side of Ballot

Constitutional Amendment

Vote Against All 6

If these Amendments are Voted For You Will Allow The Good Ole Boys In Raleigh to be able to add to the Amendments Whatever They Want To When They Go Back Into Session After Election Day. It Will Be Like Giving Them A Blank Check! Remember That Part!

Get Out and VOTE

Don’t Let That Stop You From Voting!
Have A Problem Walking?

Yes they have a bell that goes off inside of the polling place and they come out to the car. You will see a black cord running out of the door just drive over it and stop.


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