Seeking $2000.00 Donation Goal

I am seeking $2000.00 in donations to carry on The DCN News Blog Online TV. Because I have not worked overtime on my job for months now I have almost used up all of my resources. I hate asking for donations but I have just used so much of my resources over the years that I can’t continue because at the moment at I am at an all time low.

I have experienced so much over the past 2 years with upgrading equipment and dealing with my dad being flooded out of his home twice within a year and we had to deal with that out of pocket because the house is in my name and because it is not my residence couldn’t get any assistance.

I want to think I have touched many folk directly and indirectly by being a service to you. I know I have volunteered and covered many church events, funerals and other over the years because I have 100’s of videos in my office to account for such.

The following is posted on my blog as the leading post and has been there since October 29, 2017.

I do what I do out of pocket attending meetings videoing and taking photos making them public for folk who do not attend for whatever reason. It takes funds to do what I do.

I video a variety of things from meetings, banquets, sporting events, funerals and other. I post my videos on YouTube where you can access them at anytime that is convenient for you.

I also take photos and post them on my Facebook page and make them available for others to see. If someone do not have a Facebook page they can still view the photos.

It takes funds to to travel places and then it takes funds for equipment.

You have 3 options that you can send donations, Cash App, PayPal or send via USPS.

I have a Cash App that you can send money from your phone.

Also you can send donations to: Curmilus Dancy II P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, NC 27864.

Thanking you in advance.

Click On Photo To Send Donation


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