Facebook Users Set Notifications To Follow Your Friends

Facebook Users In order to see what someone post in real time, immediately or daily you need to click on your Friend’s Name and it will take you to their Timeline, Click on Friend, Click On Arrow Down and Click on Get Notifications. This way you will be able to click on your Notifications and see what your Friends posted.

Don’t miss another post from someone you want to keep up with.


Voter ID?

Funny as hell that the ignant racist white folk are calling for Voter ID but say nothing about Trump showing his income taxes.

So why do they really want Voter ID?

Voter fraud?

Just don’t want Black Folk to Vote?

Damn just say it!

The fraud is the good ole ignant racist boys producing bills that relate to trying to keep Black Folk out of decision making processes. The sad part is they have no disrespect for white folk who are about justice and equality for all.

A new season is coming!

Funny how the good ole ignant racist boys have not and will not ask Trump to show his taxes.