Election 2018 General Election 2018 Early Voting October 17, 2018 Vote For These Folk Nash County

Front Side

Left Side Of Ballot

Linda Coleman

Albert R. Pacer

James D. Gailliard

Bobbie Richardson

Robert Evans

Middle Of Ballot

Mary P. Wells

Linda L. Thorne

Keith Stone

Anita Earls

John S. Arrowood

Right Side Of Ballot

Tobias (Toby) Hampson

Allegra Katherine Collins

Quentin T. Sumner

Pell Cooper

Wayne S. Boyette

Back Side Of Ballot

Shawn D. Lucas

Constitutional Amendment

Vote Against All 6

If these Amendments are Voted For You Will Allow The Good Ole Boys In Raleigh to be able to add to the Amendments Whatever They Want To When They Go Back Into Session After Election Day. It Will Be Like Giving Them A Blank Check! Remember That Part!

Get Out & Vote

Two Locations:
Nash County Agriculture Center (Auditorium) 1006 Eastern Ave. Nashville, NC 27856
Braswell Memorial Library (Warner Conference Room) 727 N. Grace St. Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Wednesday, October 17th thru Saturday, November 3rd Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm Saturday (11/3) 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Don’t Let That Stop You From Voting!
Have A Problem Walking?

Yes they have a bell that goes off inside of the polling place and they come out to the car. You will see a black cord running out of the door just drive over it and stop.

Ride To The Polls
Uber is offering free rides to anyone going to the polls
(252) 220-2079

Seeking Donations

I look at how black folk do not support each other when it comes to certain causes. We support certain folk Pastor Anniversary, Musicians and other but there are other ministries as well.

Over the years I have given so much of my resources being a voice for the voiceless. I have attended all of the majority board meetings in Edgecombe County over the years speaking up and videoing them so folk could see what was going on inside the meetings.

I have videoed countless funerals over the years and didn’t charge a fee and the majority of the folk didn’t even give me a donation. This was my way of supporting the family by giving them something that they could pass on from generation to generation.

I have videoed many events and church events and didn’t ask for a donation.

Folk don’t understand that I do the event and then go home and have to work on the event. Many times I put the event on YouTube which is very time consuming.

I also take hundreds of photos during the event and the photos tell a story all by themselves.

Today I am seeking donations expeditiously so that I can get back on the ground and start back attending meetings and to cover my expenses.

I look at what folk respond to on the internet so I am going to see how folk respond to this.

Recently when I posted I needed a financial blessing I received only one blessing. It is sad that that person does not live in the local area anymore.

You can send your donations via:

Cash App


Also you can send donations to: Curmilus Dancy II P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, NC 27864.