School board member resigns – Rocky Mount Telegram

Olga Dickens has resigned from the Edgecombe County Board of Education.

Dickens has been experiencing some long-term health issues that have prevented her from attending school board meetings since February. In a letter this week to board Chairwoman Evelyn Wilson, Dickens expressed her regret for having to make the decision to leave the board.

“First, let me thank you again for your continued support and prayers during my illness,” she stated in the letter. “I thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this board. The thought that the community had enough confidence in me to allow me this opportunity makes it even more regrettable that I find it necessary to resign from my position on the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education effective immediately. If there is any way I can help in any capacity, please know that I will be honored to do so.”

Wilson said school board members are sad to see her go but understand the need for the resignation and respect the spirit of the act. (Read more)

NC Democratic Party State Chair Was In Edgecombe County Wednesday But Were The Democrats Informed?

I am an elected Democratic Party Precinct Chair and I heard about the NC State Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin was coming to town. I was told the chair was calling around saying the state chair wanted to come and meet with the candidates.

There were some conversation on Facebook trying to confirm if the state chair was coming and he confirmed it. However nothing was ever posted on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Facebook Page but it was posted on Lawrence personal page.

On Saturday morning October 6 around 9:20 am during the end of the Dr. G.L. Knight Show on WCPS in Tarboro Lawrence happened to come on and spoke about the chair coming.

I did not receive a call nor any information via mail from Lawrence about the state chair coming to town, however after later seeing an event that was created on the NC Democratic Party Facebook page about the state chair touring Edgecombe County, I did share it on my social media pages.

I work a real job and it was not a good day for me to take vacation because we have a monthly town hall meeting at work with management that is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Today I have received several messages concerning what happened today as it relates to the state chair coming to Edgecombe County. The following is from a concerned Democrat of Edgecombe County.

“I don’t know if you know but there was an Edgecombe Democratic Rally at the Auditorium of the Administrative building. GK Butterfield and the Chair of the National Democratic Party was there. There was no information regarding this event and only a few people were there. I can’t say what I want but hopefully you can. What has happened to our Edgecombe Democratic Party. Yes the Party Chair was there but no other Administration for the Democratic Party for Edgecombe County. Shelly, Clee and some from Martin County that came with Shelly as he was campaigning in Martin county and was just notified today. No commissioners, no school board, no mayor NO ONE!! Can you imagine what Chair for the National Democratic Party thought of Edgecombe County. What’s was shown as we are not fighting bc we don’t get informed.

I just don’t understand what in the hell is going on with the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Are there other offices being held do we have a Vic Chair, treasurer secretary I mean where were they?? And why didn’t this notification get out?? It should have been packed with over 28,000 plus democrats in Edgecombe County. How is the Chair selected matter of fact how are all the offices for this party elected.”

First of all yes I knew but didn’t receive a phone call nor anything via mail from Lawrence Taylor who was elected chair nearly 2 years ago. I heard that our 1st Congressional District Congressman G.K. Butterfield was present. It was not the National Democratic Party but the State Party.

Lawrence Taylor who was elected nearly 2 years ago has done nothing but been a disaster for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. I tried to make the party members see where the party was going and no one wanted to deal with the issue so as far as I am concerned we do not have an Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Lawrence and the following make up the county officers that can meet and do things when the county party is not in session. The 1st Vice Chair is Martha Knight Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair Dr. Glenda Knight, 3rd Vice Chair Attorney Jim Marrow has not attended but one meeting since elected, Pastor Yvette Hart resigned her post as Secretary and the Treasurer is Stephanie Hunter. There has been some mess among the county officers so that is probably why they were not there. However I would question if Martha and Stephanie knew about the meeting. They probably didn’t know just like the precinct chairs and other committee members because the last meeting Lawrence had was in June and I understand it didn’t go well.

A rally should be held on a Saturday when most active folk especially black folk who works can attend. This October and most folk have little to no vacation time to plan to get off work and the vacation they have they must use it wisely the rest of the year. On my job we have a monthly town hall meeting with management on the 2nd Wednesday and that is another reason why I chose not to attend the event with the state chair.

I don’t recall seeing anything in the newspaper about the event. Actually Tarboro don’t have a real local newspaper. It was not posted on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Facebook page matter of a fact nothing has been posted since June and that is in reference to the June meeting. Damn Lawrence has not called a meeting since June but I know why because he was shut down then because he has the party tore up. If you want folk to attend your event you ought to have since enough to contact your supposedly base. Lawrence base should be the other county officers which is the 5 other office positions. But then you have 21 precincts which consist of a chair and a vice chair along with the county elected officials. You advertise and invite all Democrats of Edgecombe County.

I do not think you can plan an event one week before and get a packed house without some hard work to get the folk there during that time of the day.

During the odd years at the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Conventions the county officers which consist of the chair, 1st vice chair, 2nd vice chair, 3rd vice chair, secretary and treasurer are voted on by the Edgecombe County Executive Committee which consist of the precinct chairs and vice chairs and county elected officials that make up the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. However during the convention all Democrats are invited to attend and some can be delegates to the convention.

In my closing folk keep asking me what need to be done about Edgecombe County Democratic Party and I will repeat it again. Since Lawrence has refused to resign as chair, it only takes 3 signatures to file a petition to remove him. I have told them I will sign and actually I drafted a letter and someone wanted to add something but they never got back with me.

I understand that it is too late to remove Lawrence from his post before the November election but I be damn if we need to wait until the county convention next year in March or April to vote on new folk. We have no party officers as I see it and will challenge anyone who want to challenge me.

Wednesday October 10, 2018 should be a day to remember for all concerned Democrats. I am mad as hell because I have never seen the Edgecombe County Democratic Party operate at this level. We may have had some infighting over the years but we came together at the end of the day.

I am calling all Edgecombe County Democrats to rally around our Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson and the Edgecombe County Democratic Women because they are working to educate the citizens of the county.

Anyone who have some concerns that you would like to share with me my number is (252) 314-5484 or you can email me at and any of my social media pages.

Thank you NC State Chair Wayne Goodwin for stopping by Edgecombe County although I was not present but I did advertise the event.