Politics Week Of October 8 – 12 Edgecombe & Nash County

Sheriff Clee Atkinson, Congressman G. K. Butterfield, Wayne Goodwyn Chair NCDP




‘Closest person we have to Martin Luther King Jr.’: Pastor-activist William J. Barber wins $625,000 ‘genius’ grant

On Thursday, the day the Rev. William Barber Jr. was awarded a $625,000 “genius grant,” Barber was hard to reach, because he was being arrested. Which is related to why the North Carolina preacher was given one of the rare MacArthur Foundation awards.

Barber, 55, is one of the country’s best-known public advocates fighting racism and poverty, known for successfully organizing tens of thousands of people in marches and other nonviolent acts of civil disobedience around the country. On Thursday, as MacArthur was announcing that Barber was among 25 people “on the precipice of great discovery or a game-changing idea,” Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign was tweeting about his arrest. (Read more)

The Gate Keeper response:

Everybody didn’t love Dr. Martin L. King, matter of fact some starting loving him after he died.

So the same goes for Dr. William J. Barber II.

Hell some folk don’t like me but do I give a ????? Hell to the double NAW!

I am thankful for Dr. King and his season, Dr. Barber and his season and the Good Master for me and my season.

And that’s enough!

And many who came across me trying to discredit me “they” gone from around me and/or sick. Hey it ain’t that I am somebody but I know he watches over me.

I will continue to trust and believe! May not serve him as I should but he has been good to me.

If I don’t wake up in the morning it will be well with my soul.

About Dr. William J. Barber II

I know many folk that like the man and many that do not. Many do not actually know him but I know the man. I ain’t trying to convince anyone to like the man, I tell folk to do your own homework, get to know folk for yourself.

So glad I know the man and don’t have to rely on anyone to tell me about the man.

I know the man because I have been actively engaged in community activism and politicalism since the late 80’s.

So when I talk about folk I ain’t trying to convince anyone just letting you know where I stand and those whom trust in me, they will take my opinions and thoughts in consideration but if they don’t, hey I am good!

Butterfield questions Kavanaugh’s ‘past conduct, judicial temperament’ – Wilson Times

Wilson’s congressman says he’s “extremely disappointed” in the Senate’s confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the United States’ 114th Supreme Court justice.

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, a Wilson Democrat representing North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, expressed concern over the allegations of sexual misconduct Kavanaugh faces and predicted the appellate judge and former White House counsel for President George W. Bush will bring partisan politics to the high court bench.

“Now more than ever, our country needs a Supreme Court justice who will rise above ideology, protect the rights of all Americans and preserve our system of checks and balances by stopping presidential abuse of executive power,” Butterfield said. “Unfortunately, nothing in Judge Kavanaugh’s record or past have shown he will be such a justice.” (Read more)

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed – Vote them OUT!

So now that Kavanaugh has been appointed what is next?

Okay done had the hearing 2 weeks ago, the FBI investigation if that is what you want to call it this past week and now the confirmation today. Can’t go back and redo and change these things so what is left?

So now what need to be done? Let’s get focused and do the damn thing.

Vote them who voted for him OUT!

SWE storms to win in Eastern Plains opener – Rocky Mount Telegram

PINETOPS — If a team has attempted a pass against SouthWest Edgecombe over the past two seasons, there’s a good chance the ball was thrown in Michael Hussey’s direction.

The Cougars cornerback might look like an easy target. After all, the junior is listed at 5-foot-5 on the roster.

And on Friday in SWE’s 53-20 win over visiting North Pitt in the 2-A Eastern Plains Conference opener, the Panthers threw at Hussey early. Thing is, Hussey was ready. He’s already ready, waiting for his chance to make a play.

“Every team that throws the ball that we’ve played attempts it,” Cougars coach Jonathan Cobb said. “For two years, last year and this year, they throw at him. And he does a good job. He’s an excellent run support guy because he’s a good tackler, and in pass defense he knows he has to be in perfect position because he’s giving up a lot of height.”

Hussey was in perfect position defending a deep route that led to his first interception of the season. North Pitt, trailing 18-0 after the first quarter, figured it would try to catch the Cougars out of position on a fourth-and-six situation from the SWE 35. (Read more)

Airborne Philosophy: An athletic roster has opened up SWE’s passing game – Rocky Mount Telegram

It all started with an untimely injury, a quick-thinking decision from head coach Jonathan Cobb, and a basketball player willing to play football.

And now, quarterback Jayden Lewis and wide receiver Keishon Porter hold significant roles on the SouthWest Edgecombe football team; the pair is the driving force behind a shift in offensive philosophy for the Cougars, who are on pace to have the most passing yards in at least a decade.

The summer of 2017 had gone as planned for SWE. The lineup was set, the game plan was ready to be unveiled, and the annual Tarboro Jamboree would serve as the final tuneup before the regular season. But projected starting quarterback Tre Williams suffered an elbow injury that left the Cougars without a passer to open the season.

Lewis, a career running back, had thrown passes at the JV level, and that was good enough for Cobb, who was in a pinch and named Lewis the team’s new quarterback at the start of the season. (Read more)