Who Would Ever Thought? Rep. John McCain, President Barack Obama, President George Bush

Who would ever thought?

Barack Obama became a Eulogist after becoming the President of these United States.

To eulogize a Republican shows there can be healing because all the President Obama went through, to be able to for fill this task on national TV should let us know that in spite of what it what we may go through, our works speak for us.

I reminded by a sermon this week during our church rival the Dr. Robert Wooten message was “Surviving Our Valley Experience.” President Obama survived his valley experience during his Presidency and Rep. John McCain even spoke up for him when someone tried to discredit his character.

Are you seeing and listening?

President Barack Obama and President George Bush eulogizing Rep. John McCain? We can come together.

Death can bring about beautiful and powerful experiences.

I am feeling good about what can be on today in spite of our valley experiences we can survive.