Convicted murderer Mark Bowling dies in prison – Rocky Mount Telegram

Mark Bowling, who was convicted of his wife’s murder in one of Rocky Mount’s most infamous cases, will not be serving out his 15-year sentence. He died in prison on Friday.

Bowling, who was serving his sentence at the Sampson Correctional Institute, died of natural causes, Jerry Higgins, a communications officer for the state Department of Public Safety, told the Telegram on Monday.

Bowling and his lover, Rose Vincent, were both convicted of the murder of Bowling’s wife in 2008. In the early hours of Dec. 8, 2006, Julie Bowling, 45, was shot to death in the garage of her home on River Glenn. Julie Bowling was a radiation therapist for Nash Health Care at the time of her death. (Read more)


President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said Tuesday that in the modern era facts are “in the eye of the beholder.”

In a back and forth exchange between Giuliani and Chris Cuomo on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, the former mayor of New York City called Trump one of the most honest presidents in history.

“If fact counting is anything, we’ve never had anybody with the level of mendacity that he has,” Cuomo quickly responded, likely alluding to the over 4,000 false or misleading claims Trump has made, according to The Washington Post since taking office.

“It’s in the eye of the beholder,” Giuliani said. When Cuomo tried to respond that factual statements are not in the eye of the beholder, the attorney answered with “nowadays they are.”

The statement came after the two discussed Paul Manafort’s trial and the accusations being made by former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman. Her most recent claim is that President Trump knew about the hacked Democratic emails obtained by Wikileaks before they were released during the 2016 election. (Read more)

50 pastors call out ministers who met with Trump – The Louisiana Weekly

Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr., spiritual leader of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, was among more than 50 African-American pastors who felt compelled to respond after a highly publicized meeting between President Donald Trump and 20 Black ministers that was long on style but short on substance.

After the highly criticized meeting, the group of more than 50 pastors from across the country penned an open letter to those who participated in the meeting expressing their concern and dissent.

In the letter, the 20 pastors are referred to as “presidential cheerleaders” who were used by the Trump administration in an effort to dupe Black voters into supporting the president and his allies in upcoming elections.

A few of the notable pastors signing the letter are Dr. Frederick Haynes III, Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Dr. Amos C. Brown, Bishop John R. Bryant, Drs. Elaine and Floyd Flake, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Dr. Otis Moss III, Bishop Marvin Sapp, and Bishop John R. Bryant.

The “Meeting with Inner City Pastors” was framed as a discussion on criminal justice reform, but received scathing criticism as an over-glorified photo-opt where Black leaders cozied to the President. In particular, Ohio Pastor Darrell Scott’s comments of Trump as the “most pro-Black president that we’ve had in our lifetime” made waves. (Read More)

Omarosa, Trump & Others, Funny To Me!

Folk concentrating on the book and not the contents.

I ain’t buying the book.

If you ain’t going to buy the book and/or read it then how the hell are you going to talk about it?

It ain’t that serious to me.

Now if she is telling the truth then good, but if not well. She put herself out there and her choices will not affect me.

But I am watching what all sides have to say. Right now they are following her lead.

So who is in control until proven otherwise?

It is like she got them on the ropes!

Funny to me!

Now I am gonna just wait.

Black Americans aren’t buying Omarosa’s turn against Trump – AP

The Gate Keeper:If she is telling the truth good, but if not well! Nope I ain’t buying no book. When folk hold their local leaders accountable for their actions then we can see a change. We are quick to talk about folk we don’t know. If one gonna talk about her and Trump/friends talk about all sides. Call her out and call them out but to call her out only means what. She is not the 1st one to team up with the enemy but atleast she has turned against the enemy. The outcome may not be good for her but hey she chose to take that route so if she like it, I love it. I don’t know her.


WASHINGTON — For years, Omarosa Manigault Newman stood at Donald Trump’s side, making her deeply unpopular with African-Americans who see her as a sellout for aligning herself with a president who has hurled one insult after another at black people.

Her falling out with Trump and her decision to call him a racist as she sells her new book — and in turn, his calling her a “dog” — have not been enough for many African-Americans to invite her back to the family picnic.

Too little, too late, many said. (Read more)