Local Politics vs State & National

Tickles the hell out of me how folk want to talk about state and national politics but will not deal with mess in their local towns and communities. Don’t want to talk about and deal with local politics then don’t talk to me about a damn thing.

I look at Edgecombe County how folk have allowed Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party and County Officers along with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs outgoing chair shut the damn party down. This is something that Higgs has tried to do over the years anyway.

But when some others and myself tried to keep the party functioning they talked about me and them as if we were the problem. Damn shame!

Well if you Edgecombe County Democrats like it, I love it because I have been doing what I do since I joined the party in the late 80’s but been a Democrat since the early 80’s. I have done my part and will continue to do what I do through The DCN News Blog Online TV.

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