Avenatti: Hush money paid before election to 3 more women who claim affairs with Trump – USA

The Watch Dog response: Getting gooder and gooder!

WASHINGTON – The California attorney for porn actress Stormy Daniels said he now represents three more women who were allegedly paid hush money before the election to silence them about affairs with Donald Trump.

Attorney Michael Avenatti declined to identify the women or how much they were allegedly paid, but he claimed that the money was transferred to his clients in 2015 and 2016, while Trump was a candidate.

The three unidentified women described by Avenatti are in addition to Daniels, who claims she was paid $130,000 for her silence about a prior affair with Trump.

Trump has denied the Daniels relationship, but he has since acknowledged reimbursing former personal attorney Michael Cohen for the payment to Daniels. (Read more)

Cohen willing to testify that Trump approved 2016 meeting with Russians – New York Post

President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen is willing to testify to Special Council Robert Mueller that Trump was aware of an infamous June 2016 meeting with Russian operatives at Trump Tower before it happened, a source close to Cohen told The Post on Thursday.

The source said that Cohen claims Trump knew and approved of the meeting where Russians offered “dirt” on then-candidate Hillary Clinton — despite Trump’s repeated denials that he was aware it took place.

Cohen was present when Trump was informed by his son, Donald Trump Jr., that the offer had been made, the source said.

President Trump claimed he “didn’t know anything about the meeting” because “nobody told me” about it. (Read more)

Fake Folk I Got 6 Senses

I look at folk family, friends, co-workers and other how they hang around fake folk and don’t even get it. Well I strongly believe some do but they are in denial, don’t care or just ignant to how folk treat them. Just because I talk to you don’t think that I don’t know. I talk to all kinds of folk because I know it takes all kinds to make the world go around. But the moment I find out the side that you try to hide hey I treat you some kind of way. I got a 6th sense.

I am not only a professional agitator but I am also a professional in a many of things.

One thang I ain’t a professional in is kissing ass! If you don’t know ya better ask somebody!

Edgecombe County Animal Control Meetings Have Begun And Meeting 2 More Drama

Hello all,

I don’t visit Janice Thompson’s page Tender Mercies Page unless someone tell me to go over there or they screenshot something to me. Sometime ago someone screenshot me where someone was on her page talking about me along with her and I responded in a nice fashion but to the point. Janice has it so I can not comment on her page.

The following is what I learned today. Yes when she said in the 1st meeting could the meetings be videoed and she was told they are open to the public. I said I am going to video the meetings as well. I like to video meetings so I don’t have to take notes during the meetings and/or so I can look at it at home.

I don’t recall saying that I was going to make my videos of the meeting public. Actually the local media get much information from my page and do not send anyone to some meetings I attend so I am not going to provide them with information when they have folk who get paid to do reporting for them. I will not be posting the meetings on my YouTube page just like I am going to stop posting some other meetings as well.

Wow! I find the following to be quite interesting.

On yesterday as the meeting before Janice has been very rude and out of order because the rules are set and she continues to attempt to push her own agenda. This should be unacceptable and it is too bad that I can’t make a motion to have her removed from the committee. Since the County Commissioners appointed all of us, they are the one to remove a member.

Janice has disrespected the Sheriff Office especially Sheriff Clee Atkinson for quite some time with her postings on her page. This post here is an example of how she is disrespecting the County Commissioners.

We have voted and on yesterday we voted on a chair.

I am requesting a commissioner attend the next meeting to see this piece of work in action. I hope the chair will keep the meeting on topic and will not allow any meeting to attempt to push their own agenda after the committee has voted on.

Do anyone notice that nothing was posted about we voted on a chair and that we have 2 top issues to concentrate on. If any member is going to do a report please tell important things.

It is important that citizens know we voted on a chair and who the chair is and what we have agreed to work on.

Yesterday I made a statement that we need to stay on topic and working within a time frame. I said I had another meeting that I was suppose to attend at 7 PM in Rocky Mount. I have a regular monthly meeting every 4th Thursday so this is somewhat a conflict but hopefully we will get out of this meeting in a reasonable time. Janice responded maybe I need to resign however as I said yesterday she is the one that need to resign.

I am going to respect all committee members however I will not be disrespected and treated like a child. I am 55 years old for anyone who do not know.

After the meeting had adjourned Janice immediately came to me and said I thought you had to leave. Don’t let that happen again because I say grown folk stuff and you may not like it.

Mr. Evans please forward my concerns to all of the commissioners so they will be aware of where I stand on this committee. I am going to attend the meetings and do what I am requested to do and respect other members. However I will not be bullied, threatened and other.

So far the meetings have been very informative and I have learned a lot. I am excited about serving on the committee. I am looking forward to the next meeting.


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Tender Mercies Pet Organization

22 hrs ·

Animal Welfare Advisory Council Update:

Killed cats are sold to LBS Biological Inc located in Graham, NC. There has been 295 cats killed since last July. The $1,180.00 received from the killed cats goes into the county funds.

Edgecombe County Animal Control has a budget of $170,739.00.

When I suggested a spaying and neutering ordinace, several members came against my common sense suggestion. I really do not have much hope that this “hand-picked” group of members will have any positive impact on the problems in our county. Even though the deck is stacked against me, I will vote what is best for the animals and I will inform the public of each and every vote. (We have not voted on anything yet.)

Curmillus Dancy video taped the meeting. When it is published, I will share it on this page and you will be able to see for yourself how the odds are against the animals getting any help in our county.


Daniels Brigitte

Daniels Brigitte They killing them just for the money! So sick!!!


Andrea Durham

Andrea Durham Stop killing.


Donna Bauman

Donna Bauman How sad!


Josh Carroll

Josh Carroll Why are they buying dead cats?