Trump Accused of Treason

The Watch Dog Response: I am loving every minute of the mess living in the Shit House is and has created. I didn’t vote for him but I wanted him to win because I wanted a wake up call for folk. Anyone that ain’t woke are in a damn coma. Yes he is my President although I didn’t vote for him but I don’t support his mess, never have and never will. It is nothing he can do for me to get my support other than to announce he is stepping down as President because he has shown us how much he care about us and he has put the country in a great divide. Hell yeah he has made America Great Again – The American Great Divide. Hell when was America Great? Look at how the racist has come forward and doing all kinds of mess!

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Lois Watkins Rocky Mount City Councilwoman Has Unfriended Me Wow!

I was trying to tag Lois Watkins in a post about the Confederate Monument Conversation to find out she has Unfriended me. Now I know I talk about Blocking folk but Elected Officials nope they are not considered.

It appears Lois Unfriended me but didn’t block me so therefore she can still follow my page and receive emails when I post something it just will not show up on her page because I can’t tag her. I ought to block her a… so she can’t see what is on my page unless someone else shows it to her. Well I ain’t going to block her because I want her to see what I have to say about her because I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Obviously Lois has an issue with me because I recorded the Rocky Mount City Council Meetings where she has done some ignant mess like making the motion to appoint Pastor Richard Joyner Conetoe Chapel Church Conetoe NC to fill the unexpired term of former Councilman Lamont Wiggins who replace Judge Toby Fitch as the Superior Court Judge.

It is evident that Lois can’t take the heat.

I sure hope the citizens in Lois Watkins Ward remember and send her a message during her next election. I also hope the citizens in the Ward she made the motion to appoint Joyner go to the polling places and campaign against her since she felt the need to be the one to make the motion for who was appointed to serve them. I wonder did she talk to the citizens in that Ward and ask them who they wanted to represent them? I bet hell to the naw!

I just report the news I don’t make it however I do post the video and give my spin. I also share it with others for free and they can watch my video and add their spin. However, the facts are presented. See the following link.

Lois Watkins Make Motion To Appoint Unqualified Rev. Richard Joyner To Ward 3 To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins Vacated Seat Rocky Mount City Council

Edgecombe County Board Of Elections Meeting Will They Meet At 12 Noon or 5 PM?

Per the Edgecombe County Board of Elections website the meeting is at 5 PM. I have asked the Elections Board Director to send me the agenda when there is a meeting and I have not received anything in months.

Dear Curmilus–

It’s time to stand up for strong Early Voting access in Edgecombe County for the 2018 General Election!
Please attend the upcoming Edgecombe County Board of Elections (BOE) meeting:

WHERE: Edgecombe County Board of Elections (County Administration Building, Room 434, 201 St. Andrew St., Tarboro, N.C.)
Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. (noon)
Edgecombe BOE will take up hours and options for the county’s Early Voting plan for the 2018 General Election.
The Board will discuss:
**which satellite locations to open
in light of the new scheduling mandates passed by the NCGA,
**whether those satellite voting locations will be accessible to underrepresented voters, including communities of color and student voters, and
**whether to adopt strong weekend hours during the Early Voting period.
Don’t forget to call ahead to confirm the meeting time and location (252-641-7852) and, if public comment is allowed, sign up to speak at the meeting in favor of your desired times and locations.
To get valuable tips for Early Voting Advocacy —
click here.


Marques Thompson
Democracy North Carolina