Folk Visit My Page Faithfully For Information And I Try To Be Professional In Reporting The News

I have been trying to find a post from a couple of days ago when someone talked about the 2 guys who caused the accident with the Rocky Mount Police. They said why were folk not protesting about them being charged and mentioned Black Lives Matter.

Well I am not a member of Black Lives Matter Organization but my black a.. matter and I am going to speak for me when no one else does. I have found myself doing that all the days of my life but I have been speaking up for others also.

It was a freak accident. When I got the call on Sunday morning about an officer had gotten killed in Rocky Mount I had not heard. I began to try to find out the details. It was about 2 hours later before I found out it was an automobile accident and the name had not been released. One of my contacts sent me a video of the officer dancing at a community event. Then another resource gave me a name. I looked up the name on Facebook and found someone had said rest in peace so I knew it was him. But I didn’t post it and waited til another source posted it. Folk go to my site to find out information but I try to be professional about posting things. I am very cautious about posting things when I don’t know the folk involved because a death of a love one is painful and personal.

Someone said how did they charge the guys when they were not at the scene. That was the problem they left the scene. I had seen one of the guy’s name on Mobile Patrol and the arrest details coincided with the incident so I told one of my contacts what I found and they knew the guy.

Well I hated it but when we take chances and the outcome is what it is we have to deal with the outcome.

I had been telling folk the charges would probably be reduced until I found out some more details and I then said more charges may be added. But that is just my opinion.

Folk questioned me with their opinion of the accident and I had to explain to them that it didn’t matter what the police was doing if he was speeding, texting and/or whatever that if they vehicles had not been in the road the accident would never had occurred. Now that is not my opinion but the facts.

Wow! I am still in shock. I can’t imagine what the family on both sides are going through. However I can imagine the pain of losing a love one.

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