Compare The Handwriting On Both Of These Letters Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Signature

Compare the handwriting letter in brown envelope when Higgs was chair in 2017 with letter white envelope and Lawrence K. Taylor is the chair.

So Higgs is calling women in the party bullying them. Couldn’t be my wife and/or daughter. Not even me because he has one more time to call my number.

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Edgecombe County Democratic Party Meeting Tuesday June 19, 2018 Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Continue To Operate From His Bully Pulpit

I received the following from a female Democrat on Saturday June 16, 2018. This is a conversation with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs

Man your friend just called me asking if I received my notice for the meeting. I said yes and then I asked if he sent them? He said no Lawrence did. Then he proceeded to say WE gonna set some things and people straight. Man I SNAPPED! I said just like I thought you were working behind the seen and made this man look like a fool from poor leadership! Then he went on to attack the DWEC! I told him we women have grown our membership and the chair and officers has done nothing. Then he said make sure me and you are there because he got something to tell you. I said Curmilius don’t have to and don’t want to talk to you so stop calling him. He don’t have to talk to you get it!

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has been a bully all the years I have been in the party however he don’t scare me. I know how to deal with him and that is to not stoop to his level and deal with him legally.

The problem I have had over the years is how he has called and tried to bully women Democrats and the men say nothing but not I. Linda Tharrington Goins, Viola Harris, Gladys Shelton, Dorothy Joyner and others know I have stood up for them. This is why I don’t play with him because I know how he has called some women Democrats over the years.

What the Democrats at the meeting need to understand that Higgs is on the same level as they are and this is not a Roosevelt Higgs meeting. Actually anytime he get up to speak he has to be recognized like all others and he is not the chair. Hell he ain’t even a precinct chair because he lives in Tarboro in the EL Roberson Center with his mother but uses an address that do not exist in Speed.

Ya’ll can allow this fool to let the meeting be about him if you want but I will not allow mess. We will see how the parliamentary allow mess to go on in this meeting.

As I have stated it is of my opinion that the party is not organized and there need to be an organizational meeting and not a meeting to replace the secretary and other officers.

But all of you who have not questioned the mess that has gone on since Lawrence K. Taylor has been the chair you are partly responsible for his actions. I have questioned his actions every meeting but when ya’ll just voted and moved on, he felt he was justified in doing what he did. Well look at where the county party is now, gone to hell.

Well I can’t wait to learn the outcome of the meeting on Tuesday.


When the good Democrats want to talk about removing the current chair Lawrence K. Taylor and removing Rev. Higgs then and only then will I be ready. Well you already know what Taylor has done. The Chair and the folk that live in precinct that Higgs claim he lives know that he is lying. Those who are close to him know that he don’t live in Speed as well and if you go down to the property you will see that it is no livable housing on the property.

But I have come to the conclusion after trying to educate Democrats on what they needed to do to get the party right, if ya’ll like this mess, I love it and I am going to sit back and see how long you gonna continue to like it.

Oh Higgs sent ya’ll a message in my voicemail and now by calling a female trying bully her and then sending a message.

I am so glad he has not attempted to bully my wife and/or my daughter because he would be dealt with.

So Tuesday night ya’ll better be ready for the bully, I am ready for him at all times. I don’t have to deal with him unless I run into him at a party meeting because when I run into him at the County Commissioners meeting he act like he got some damn sense speak and keep it moving.

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Father’s Day Response, Alvin Jones I Can Relate Because The Older I Get The More Sensitive I Get

We don’t want to talk about real issues and always want to talk about things that happen to others and things that happen in another location instead of talking about things that we face. This is why some black folk does crazy things because they keep mess built up inside of them instead of letting go. Yep going to a paid therapist or the like may help but many times folk need to just get some stuff off their chest. 

Get this! I am amazed at how Father’s Day is treated as an event with entertainment similar to that provided by clowns at a circus by disgruntled mothers and by children who are now adults who obviously need to see a reputable therapist because of their inability to think coherently and because of their misconception of what an ideal father is.

I can relate to this because I can speak for me and feel there is some truth to this. I know I tried to do the best I could for all of my children and they never had to go lacking for anything. I also had great support from my parents and my dad spoiled all of them.

I don’t get caught up in holidays even though my birthday is on Christmas Day and days such as Father’s Day however since there are so much celebration and discussions around these days I can’t help but think about it. As I think about Father’s Day it comes to mind how my oldest daughter who has been brainwashed by her mother and step-dad that I didn’t do anything for her. Everyone that knows me know that is a lie because I went above and beyond but their goad was to destroy my relationship with my daughter. The sad part is the mother and the step-dad are co-pastors and my daughter is a minister.

I need to share with disgruntled mothers that a man is not a bad father because he refused to “dance to your music” and be controlled by your “puppet strings”.

I can relate because my oldest daughter’s mother played the music and danced around it doing what I had to do by initiating the court papers so I could have visitation rights to spend time with my daughter. The mother convinced the then boyfriend to move to Maryland where he had family because she thought I was not going to keep my visitation rights going. However after several years of playing games going back and forth to Maryland and they playing games not being home when I came to pick up my daughter and sometimes not home when I returned her and was just messy. Because the child support laws are different in states it was tough. I got tired of playing the games because one thing I had a family here and also my son was real sickly with asthma back then and was in and out of the hospital quite a bit.

God was good to me because he kept me on the dangerous highways. I would get off work at 12:15 on Friday night/Saturday morning leave Rocky Mount and go home to Pinetops and get about 2 hours of sleep. I had to find someone to go with me to Maryland 4 hours one way leaving out 4:00 AM for a 4 hour trip one way to Waldorf Maryland. I did most of the driving over the years however when I got really tired I would let my cousins or friends drive and my girlfriend/wife now would drive some. 

I need to share with adult children that a father is not “less than” because he refuses to “buy your affection” or satisfy your materialistic appetite. There are some grandparents who feel the need to do that, while some fathers refuse. As for me, I refuse to become a contestant in that game. Afterall, our affirmation as good fathers isn’t predicated upon receiving accolades from our children. It never has been nor will it ever be.

I can’t relate to above because when my child was born I bought all the milk, pampers, clothes and etc. and when I traveled to Maryland to pick her up I had to buy clothes every time and I would leave them when I took her back home. I know how the mother dressed her because I remember one time I spent the night in Maryland and went to the school to meet with my daughter’s teachers to let them know that I was concerned about her education and that I wanted to be engaged in her schooling although I lived in NC. When I arrived at the school my daughter’s on that Monday morning she had on the same clothes that she had on that I had bought when I took her back that Sunday evening.

While trying to keep in touch with my daughter over the years and when she told me I had never done anything for her that was a low blow but I was good because I know what I had done and folk that know me know what I have done.

But I guess I could say the game was the game that my daughter’s mother and step-dad played trying to keep me from my daughter. But it is all good. I initiated the child support and paid it with no problem matter of a fact I had volunteered to have my support garnished from my check so it would automatically go to my daughter versus mailing it to Maryland myself. I took the mother to court to get visitation rights because I was doing my part but she didn’t want me to spend anytime with my daughter.

Listen! This is not an earnest effort to minimize the fact that there are fathers who have been negligent in their responsibility, while there have been mothers who worked tirelessly to try to prevent the father from having a relationship with their child(ren) and then try to play victim while sowing seeds of lies in the head of the child. But rather than bashing them on facebook or any other social network attempting to belittle them, get out of that clown suit…. put on your grown woman and channel that energy towards facilitating a relationship between the father and his child(ren) by letting go of the past (as hard as it might be) and move forward.

I tell fathers no matter what the relationship is with the mother to please try to have a relationship with the child and the main thing is to provide finances for the child.

I have never had a problem with my daughter bashing me but keeping my child from me was enough. Before my mom died I asked that the mother allow my parents to spend time with my daughter but she didn’t. This is what hurt me the most because they loved my daughter because I used to keep my daughter all the time because the mess went down. Oh and by the way I didn’t mistreat the mother either she wanted to hang out with her friends, drink and smoke and I just told them if she could buy marijuana then she could start buying pampers and clothes for our baby not that she had to but that was mess not needed. I didn’t drink or smoke and every week the money I spent on alcohol I bought clothes for my baby. I also started a new job in January 1987 and my daughter was born in April 1987 so I have not drank anything dating back before January 1987.

As for you adult children….regardless of what your opinion is of your father, pray for him as I’m sure he is praying too that God will change your distorted views and soften your stoney heart. Furthermore, he is still your father despite who you praise.

Powerful! Don’t even need to expand on that!

The Wringley Brothers Circus has absolutely nothing on the drama and acts during the yearly Father’s Day Circus.

If my oldest daughter who is very smart, got several degrees and a minister along with her mother and step-dad like living a lie, then I love it. I done my part and it is well with my soul. Do I not think about wishing I had a relationship with my daughter oh hell yeah because it used to bother me but I cherish the times today that I spent with her. Folk ask me about my 2 girls when I used to take them to the NAACP meetings and other and I had brought them some little children brief cases and when we walked in the meetings me my team was ready.

The one thing that bother me is my youngest daughter who had a relationship my oldest daughter it bothers her because they do communicate to a minimum on social media. My son who had never seen my oldest daughter got to meet her at a graduation when my daughter had came from Maryland to our high school because her step-dad’s niece was graduating which is only a mile from our house. Yep used to come right by our house all them years when they came back to Pinetops and they would not even stop or let us know when they were in town.

Well there you have my ignant spill on Father’s Day!