GOP slams Farmer-Butterfield’s budget vote – Wilson Times

When Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield stood with Gov. Roy Cooper and voted against the Republican state budget, she did what she thought was best for Wilsonians. And she didn’t expect to be attacked for it, but a Republican House Caucus news release did just that.

“According to the GOP, ‘the voters deserve an honest answer from Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield as to why she voted against the budget.’ Let me say, that tells you exactly why I voted against it,” Farmer-Butterfield said. “I was sent to the legislature to figure for Wilson and to make sure the people in my district were first and foremost. They deserve better.

“Quite frankly, the voters have gotten that answer from me and now they need to have Rep. (John) Bell, as the leader of the GOP who sent this release to the press, answer as to why he supported a unilateral budget that excluded millions of North Carolinians and shortchanged tens of thousands of hardworking citizens, schoolchildren, hurricane victims and state employees who deserve so much more.”

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