KING: Why I’ll never stand again for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

The Watch Dog response: So glad I can listen, read and comprehend for myself.

Now that I have learned the truth about our national anthem and its author, I’ll never stand up for it again.

First off, the song, which was originally written as a poem, didn’t become our national anthem until 1931 — which was 117 years after Key wrote it. Most of us have no true idea what in the hell we’ve been hearing or singing all these years, but as it turns out, Key’s full poem actually has a third stanza which few of us have ever heard. In it, he openly celebrates the murder of slaves. Yes, really.

It goes like this: (Read more)

Congratulations South West Edgecombe High School Class of 2018 – From The Dancy Family

When I woke up yesterday morning I was tired and I said I ain’t going to the Graduation. But then I said if I don’t go and capture the moment who will?

I could not allow the SouthWest Edgecombe Class of 2018 to not get captured and then shared with them along with others. I hope all of you who have seen the photos are happy. I tried to capture all of you to the best I could on photos but the video definitely captures all.

Stay tuned video coming soon.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II SWE Class of 1981

India Matita Dancy SWE Class of 2009 President

Curmilus Cj Dancy III SWE Class of 2016

How Can You Tell Real Leaders?

Real Democratic leaders are the ones who are the most talked about, the most hated and the most lied on by Ignant Racist Republicans. But the sad part you have Democrats who sit back and don’t say anything while allowing them to target the real leaders. So what does that make these Democrats?

I just love Sincere Ignance and Conscientious Stupidity when so called Democratic leaders allow the Republicans to pick and choose our real leaders. But when the Democrats got a problem who do they call the real leader.

I don’t totally blame the Republicans for the shape the Democrats are in because folk always talking about we will never have another Dr. Martin L. King because of his work but I say the devil is a liar. We have had some young folk that have stood up speaking truth to power but they have been targeted for saying all the right things. They piss off the Republicans and the Democrats be jealous and/or scared of what the real leader be saying.

When I think of one young real leader who began speaking truth to power, he was targeted by Ignant Racist White Republicans but also by Ignant Racist Democrats along with Ignant Safe Black Democrats. If the older Democrats had stood by him and helped to groom him, he would have become groomed long before he did. Some folk would say he isn’t groomed now but I would say that is a lie because I know where he began and where he is now.

I would also say that I know what I have done over the years as well and I have been targeted as well.

It is funny as hell to me because the Democrats have a problem with both Andre and I speaking truth to power saying what need to be said while they want to say it behind closed doors before and after the meeting but not during the meetings where it matters.

When Democrats get it together we will be a force to be reckoned with but until then things will stay the same.

I have no problem with standing and speaking truth to power solo so Ignant Racist Republicans and Scared A… Democrats will be mad with me until the end.

I know who folk call on when they have issues. Not only locally but abroad as well.

Celebration marks legacy of local couple – Rocky Mount Telegram

My beautiful family.

A celebration to commemorate the legacy of Jeff and Elizabeth Hyman Knight, which is worth sharing with the community, especially in these days and times, was held on Mother’s Day.

Through the union of Jeff and Elizabeth there were 15 children born, all currently living. The children reside in Nashville, Tennessee, Greensboro and Rocky Mount. Their names are Clara Alexander, Jeff Knight Jr., William Henry Knight, Mary Jane Farmer, Annie Bell Woodard, Robert Lee Knight, Joseph Hyman Knight, Marjorie Louise Bell, Donald Vernet Knight, Garry Ray Knight, Cynthia Pittman, Brenda Elizabeth Carter, Dolly Ann Evans, Alphanso Knight and John Fitzgerald Knight. There are 25 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. (Read more)