Rocky Mount The Issue On The Table Is The Discussion Around The Confederate Monument At Battle Park Falls Road

The Rocky Mount City Council has directed the Human Relations Commission to have community discussions about the Confederate Monument at Battle Park. The discussion is supposed to be about to leave it there or to move it. The reason why the council directed the commission is because of some places across, the nation statues have been removed, torn down and damaged. NC Governor Roy Cooper has spoken and he says the statues need to be moved to certain locations.

Some folk will attempt to make the discussion about the statue all about the Rocky Mount City Council as if the issue around the statues began in Rocky Mount. Actually the Rocky Mount NAACP made a statement at the council meeting asking that the statue at Battle Park Falls Road be removed.

Last week there was the 1st of a series of community discussions and I am pissed because the discussion was not limited to the Confederate Monument but folk were allowed to talk about anything and everything. Poor facilitation especially at the cost of hiring a consultant.

I request that the next meeting and the future meetings be limited to the Confederate Monument. The next meeting and future meetings at the beginning of the meeting there should be some history given about the statue in question.

What is the purpose of having specific questions when the community is not going to be kept on track but otherwise allowing them to talk about other things that they say are more pressing. But at this time the HRC should be focused on the issue at hand the Confederate Monument.

I don’t fault the community for pushing their agenda but I have a problem with the HRC allowing the community to push their agenda on the HRC. I refuse to allow such because to allow the community to come in and push their agenda is a waste of my time.

We cannot get to the root of problems and effectively deal with them unless we stay on topic and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly as it relate to the statue. Anyone who cannot accept the truth then that is their problem and they need to learn how to deal with the facts.


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