Rocky Mount NC – Rules For Appointment To Ward 3 & Event Center Parking Presentation During The Committee of the Whole Meeting May 2018

See what the attorney said about the Ward 3 Appointment Process during the Committee of the Whole Meeting. See Event Center Parking Presentation.

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Rocky Mount NC – Confederate Monument Community Conversation Dialogue Session Tuesday May 22, 2018 6:00 PM

The first Community Conversations dialogue session regarding what to do with the Confederate monument located on Falls Road in Rocky Mount, will be held Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at the Booker T. Theater in Rocky Mount. The 6 p.m. meeting will be facilitated by WPR Consulting.

WPR, a Charlotte, N.C. based company, previously provided training to equip the Human Relations Commission and other volunteers who will serve as community meeting facilitators for the sessions. Three other projected meeting dates are being planned for June. Depending on attendance, an additional meeting may be scheduled.

Those who plan on attending a meeting should RSVP by calling 252-972-1181.

Media Why Black Folk Need A Reliable Source And One That Will Capture Things That Should Be Dear To Us Here In Edgecombe & Nash Counties

Do you not understand that you learn what is going on around you from the local media newspaper the Rocky Mount Telegram from reporters that tell the story how they want to tell it instead of making sure the real meat of the issue is on the table?

Do you not understand that the local TV Station WHIG-TV Out of Rocky Mount attend selective meetings and events and broadcast them? Look at when things are about the black community if it is a positive they rarely cover it if it is going to empower black folk or should I say wake up black folk.

Take for instance about weeks ago the Rocky Mount City Council held interviews for candidates that were seeking to replace Judge Lamont Wiggins vacated seat in Ward 3. The interviews were held beginning around 10 AM on a week day while folk were working. They knew then that Rev. Richard Joyner was not qualified and that he is not qualified as I am typing this post.

It appeared that the interview session was interesting because it was reported in the Telegram and reported by several candidates and others present that the qualifications of Joyner and he having receiving the questions was a topic of discussion. Where were WHIG-TV?

WHIG-TV made sure they were at the meeting on the evening of the appointment simply because they and their faithfully followers were there to support Rev. Richard Joyner. Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioner one of the persons who recently purchased WHIG-TV and a critic of the Rocky Mount City Council made sure the station was present and then he came in just in time before the appointment was done.

I hate I didn’t take a vacation day on the day of the interview so I could have captured the mess that took place. Rev. Richard Joyner should never had been interviewed and damn sure should not have had the questions while the other candidates didn’t have them.

It was a campaign going on on the Community Council Facebook Page and also Elijah Daughtridge personal page to support Rev. Richard Joyner to replace Wiggins ignoring that Joyner was not qualified. It is funny how Lois Watkins black female made the motion and a Chris Miller white female, WB Bullock white male and Tom Rogers white male all who live on the Nash County side of Rocky Mount voted to appoint Joyner.

I worked 9 hours getting off at 4:30 and I covered the Committee of the Whole Meeting beginning at 5 PM and the Council Meeting beginning at 7 PM on the day of the appointment and got home around 10 am that night. I don’t get paid to do what I do but it is very much needed. My video shows that you just can’t make this mess up. It shows what happened in real time versus the sound bites of the narrative that the Rocky Mount Telegram printed.

Folk it makes no sense that I sacrifice my time and equipment to capture meetings and events so that you can see it for yourself and you don’t even say thank you and or make a donation. Don’t you care about what is going on in the community that you get to see it for yourself?

Folk black folk need a media outlet in the area. It do not have to be me but it is damn sure needed.

Go to all of these media outlets and see how they bash our black leaders that are making things happen. To do everything they can to try to discredit our leaders.

Folk if you care about what is going on around you, you ought to show it and you can do so by visiting the following link: Send All Donations To The DCN News Blog Online TV Through PayPal And Other

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Talk That All County Officers Need To Go

I disagree with all of the county officers need to go. The County Officers are Lawrence K. Taylor Chair, Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair, Dr. Glenda L. Knight 2nd Vice, Attorney Jim Marrow 3rd Vice Chair, Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer.

I asked the County Chair Lawrence K. Taylor to resign in a letter to him first and he didn’t respond. I have asked him a couple of more time via social media and in a meeting. I had written a petition and gave it to someone whom suppose to had added to and sent it back to me but they never did. It would have been no problem with getting 2 other signatures along with mines to send the petition to the NC State Democratic Party. I have come to the conclusion that if the Executive Committee like it then I love it because I am going to challenge him during the meetings.

I have a problem with saying all county officers need to go because the secretary has been trying to do her job and she has been willing to do whatever she can to provide information that is requested of her. She inherited an office without receiving information from the previous secretary.

The treasurer has been doing a great job over the years and we have never had any problems with the treasurers report.

I say in the future to those who have an issue with the county officers actions or inactions please do not include Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer because they deserve to stay on and to be given the opportunity to do their jobs.

An Open Letter To Barbara Campbell Davis And The Likes

I found it funny as hell that after talking to you recently that you had the audacity to say I was the problem in the Democratic Party. Well first of all I don’t know you like that and you don’t know me. I have been actively engaged in Edgecombe County Politics since the late 80’s and I just learned of you last year. Obviously you have not been too long moved back in the area and/or been involved in Edgecombe County Politics that long. But that is okay. It was 2 other black women and I don’t know which one agreed with you so I don’t want to call the wrong person’s name but I think I know which one it was. But that don’t matter because they don’t know me and I don’t know them either because like you and her, we have not had conversations that would be one that we could say we know each other to some degree. Just being in the room with someone during a meeting doesn’t make someone know someone on a personal note.

You say I am the problem because I speak up at the meetings and I ought to let someone else say it. Really? Who in the hell is that someone else? You see some folk like to speak up before the meeting and after the meeting but not during the meeting. Folk vote on mess such as the agenda, treasurers’ report and other and mess don’t be right and because I challenge mess I am the problem.

You have a problem with way I say things well hell yeah I say it with boldness and I speak loud and clear because I know I am right because I know the Democratic Plan of Organization so I can do that. Most folk have never read the POO and even after I pull out the sections of the POO and post it, folk still not read it or may do read it but either they don’t understand it or just don’t give a damn about what it says. Because I speak with boldness and speak loud folk take it that I am a angry black man. Not! I speak loud so folk can hear me and speak with authority.

I came into the party fighting mess when the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Officers were a majority white. Some folk fought to get the majority because the make-upv of the population of the county had changed. I will never forget that someone said when I became a member of the county officers in the early 90’s that they needed me because I didn’t like white folk. I said oh no don’t go there. They said that because I used to write letters (2 – 3) weekly to the editor to both The Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram. However I used to write letters weekly to The Carolinian in Raleigh NC and sometimes to the Raleigh News & Observer. But the person said I didn’t like white folk because a former County Commissioner and I used to go at it because he used to write letters as well especially about black folk stealing at the Winn Dixie on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount and I said they better look at who is running the place to see who were involved in the stealing because while black folk getting accused it left the door open for the whites in management and other to be able to steal without being watched.

I told black folk back when I first joined the party that we can make changes the right way and we don’t have to do illegal and ignant mess such as when Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had voted twice and some other mess. I said I am about what is right and will not get caught up in mess because I am going to act per the Plan of Organization something that many didn’t read and Higgs used it to his advantage to do whatever he wanted to do but I challenged him. And now we have another chair Lawrence K. Taylor that is following in Higgs footsteps so why do folk think I am going to be silent?

I am going to end here because I ain’t going back and talk about around 30 years of being active (working and being vocal) in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

I refuse to allow anyone to think that they will silence me in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I am going to continue to speak out against mess and challenge leadership when they ain’t right. I will not vote for mess that ain’t right and it is documented that I will vote alone because I know others in the room know that I am right about it however as long as I know I am right I don’t need any validation from others. I always allow my conscious to be my guide.

So for the Barbara Campbell Davis and the likes that have an issue with me being who I am and what I stand for, I am going to continue to be about what is right. I am going to speak it where it need to be spoke and not just behind closed doors where others like to do business but when it comes time to do business where it need to be done they get silent. Well my vote which is only one is heavy because I am voting on what was said behind closed doors. I tell folk all the time I get credit because I speak on what folk are scared to speak on publicly for whatever their reasons may be.

It is a damn shame when folk speak truth to power and others know you are but then they try to play it safe when we are at the table. You see folk need to understand when you ain’t at the table you may be on the menu. Well last week I was on the menu but I tell you when it was all said and done they said oh but you be right but it is just the way I say it and write it. Well hell if somebody else would say it I would not have to say and write anything. But when folk doing mess and nobody challenge them they think they can get away with their mess. Well they can until the time comes. Like I said the time is coming and you said when. I say it is coming.

The problem when it comes to me folk try to put me in clichés but what folk need to understand is that I can think for myself and no matter how close we are if I don’t agree with you that I ain’t the one that don’t let you know. You see this is what I mean by folk that don’t know me.

I had written a petition for remove the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair following the Plan of Organization but you and some other folk want to go through the State. Well I am going to sit back and watch because if ya’ll like the mess that is going on then I love it. But I am going to challenge the mess so until ya’ll get it right then you will be hearing from me during the meetings because I am going to exercise my right to speak as a Precinct Chair. And I don’t have no control over my vice chair coming to the meetings nor anyone else from my precinct. I do have a voice and a vote.

I ain’t mad with nobody and I am going to continue to be a voice for the voiceless because I know I speak for some folk. It ain’t about me so anyone who says otherwise they need to check themselves.