Letter to the Editor: Joyner should not represent Ward 3 – Rocky Mount Telegram

I read with much disappointment that a preacher would, after only three weeks, apply to represent me and other residents in Ward 3 on the City Council.

Did he think that the residents would not pay attention to this and realize he did it — in my opinion — for political gain only?

No other City Council member would want someone to move into their ward and after only being there three weeks apply to represent them. How would they feel if, when they come up for re- election, someone just happens to move in the ward and challenge them? They would be screaming “foul” at the top of their lungs!

It is not right and Lois Watkins should be ashamed of herself for trying to shove someone down our throats. I have to question her integrity and motives for doing this.

I understand people are calling council members asking them to support Joyner … these people do not even live in Ward 3! Shame on all of you!

Give us someone who has lived in our ward. We do not want or need a “transplant.” If Joyner wants it so bad, let him run for the seat next year. This way, in the meantime, he can prove himself to the residents of Ward 3.

Richard Joyner, do what an honorable preacher would do. Withdraw!

John Dew

Rocky Mount