Rocky Mount City Council Appointment To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins In Ward 3 Pastor Richard Joyner Residency Controversy

It will be interesting to see how the council votes on the appointment on Monday May 14.

Pastor Richard Joyner has done some good things and like in many instances he get credit for some things that others have not and do not because I know that some others were a part of some things he has done and is doing but these folk names have not been mentioned. I am so glad that I can speak to that I know for myself.

It is funny how I have followed Joyner and other voters in Edgecombe County and I know that he has been registered living at a residence on Hwy 111/122 a road that I travel daily and I know he does not live there. I have always been told he lives in Greenville which is close to the church he pastors. However he is the chaplain at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount.

Pastor Joyner is seeking the appointment for the vacancy in Ward 3 and it has been reported that he moved in the Ward on April 16 and also April 17. I don’t know the correct date. It appears that he went to the DMV and got his address changed on his driver’s license. While he was there he changed his voter’s registration.

I question if Pastor Joyner has met all of the qualifications to be appointed. If he is then good luck.

However I would find it hilarious that the council would appoint Pastor Joyner to the seat over looking the other candidates who all have lived in the Ward and those who have been actively engaged in city government over the years faithfully.

I have been in some conversations with some folk about the appointment and they want to talk about it ain’t right for folk to question his residency eligibility. Really? So how do one justify the works of Joyner that has nothing to do with city government, going to the meetings knowing the issues and more. Yes he can learn all of that but why choose someone that don’t have a clue versus someone who already knows.

I hope the Rocky Mount City Council will make sure that if they choose Joyner that they have done their homework on the residency concerns and it will leave no door open for further actions.

Rocky Mount Charter says: Must be 21 years of age, be a qualified voter, registered in the ward and must be able to vote in the ward.

But then again this may not be a controversy because Joyner said he made sure he was eligible. Well let’s hope so for his sake.


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