Sharpsburg mayor-elect faces DWI, gun charges – Wilson Times

The Watch Dog response: I was wondering about the charges were any of them felony charges but Chief Hunt has answered that question. So with that being said it appears that Williams will be the Mayor. So I wonder what will the racist town commissioners and the Racist Police Department do now? I say that because I have been to Sharpsburg last year to meet with some residents about Racial Profiling and Police Harassment. They got some damn serious issues there taking folk cars and a local wrecker service making money because they are partners with the town.

SHARPSBURG — Mayor-elect Robert L. Williams Jr. was arrested on impaired driving and gun charges shortly after his Tuesday election win.

According to Sharpsburg Police Chief John Hunt, Williams was stopped at 8:05 p.m. after a report from a concerned citizen that Williams was driving a black Dodge Ram truck and appeared to be impaired.

Sharpsburg Police Officer William Bruesch located the vehicle on Mill Branch Road and proceeded to follow it.

“The vehicle failed to maintain the lane of travel, which gave the officer reason to believe the report of an impaired driver was accurate,” Hunt said in a release. “The police officer proceeded to stop the vehicle with blue lights and siren activated. The driver, Mr. Robert Williams Jr., eventually stopped on Sandy Knob Lane just prior to his residence.” (Read more)

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‘No-kill’ policies can send animals into worse conditions – The Eagle Tribune

It’s a disturbingly common scenario: Officials had to rescue about 120 animals from deplorable conditions at a New Mexico “sanctuary” recently. Many dogs were confined to dilapidated pens with little to no protection from the elements. Cats were locked in a basement with filthy litterboxes. There were dead mice in water containers. Animals were injured, neglected and in need of veterinary care. But we’d heard it all before.

Not a week goes by without reports of animals found in criminally cruel conditions at self-professed “rescues” and “sanctuaries” that claim to “save” animals from euthanasia. Their names, like “Life for God’s Stray Animals,” “Angel’s Gate” and “Heaven on Earth Farm,” belie the hellish conditions in which the animals have been kept.

This February, for example, authorities seized 100 animals, including four dead cats, from a “rescuer” in Kentucky. An animal control official testified to finding dogs crammed into filthy crates; feces and urine throughout the “rescuer’s” home; a lack of adequate food and water; and animals who were underweight, missing fur and suffering from skin conditions, open sores and flea infestations. (Read more)