Rocky Mount City Council Appointment Vacancy For Ward 3 Is Complicated Rev. Richard Joyner May Meet The Qualifications

The Rocky Mount City Council General Statue for qualifications says must be 21 year of age, a registered voter and live in the Ward but don’t specify a time and in most cases 30 days.

I will wait for the outcome of how the Rocky Mount City Council General Statue for Elections and the Board of Elections line up.

I am still researching this issue just want to make sure the process is done fairly because you have 4 other folk who live in Rocky Mount and 1 attend and has attended the city council meetings monthly over the years.

I stand to be corrected on anything I have said earlier and anything I say moving forward on this issue.

Stay tuned will update as I get more information.

WHIG-TV Damn They Didn’t Attend The Interview For The Rocky Mount Ward 3 Vacancy But They Got So Much To Say

I didn’t see the morning show on Tuesday morning but I am looking at it now Wednesday morning at 12:44 AM. I posted on Monday night where were WHIG-TV?

Damn that crazy ass Johnny Cunningham was on the phone when I turned to the station and he was going by what the newspaper said. I done told ya’ll reading sound bites in the newspaper can be dangerous and that is why I stress my videos are powerful because you get to see what happened in real time.

Folk you better wake the hell up and stop depending on sound bites and not getting the whole story especially from folk who attended the meeting.

Councilman Andre Knight called in and set the record straight and then the host and the co-host of the show had to eat crow. You see just because the papers talked about Knight and Councilman Reuben Blackwell the hosts were ready to go after them and did. But so glad I turned to the station just in time to see it.

I am glad the hosts talked about the process after Knight called in, I do thank them for that.

I wish I could have attended the meeting because this would have been a great video.