Breaking News: Robert Williams Charged With DWI On Election Night

What a sad ending for a night of defeat.

Robert Williams defeated Sharpsburg Mayor Randy Weaver tonight but Williams end up at the magistrate office being charged with DWI.

Sources say that a white male stopped to a store and called the Sharpsburg Police Department and told the white and black officers on duty to stop Williams for drinking.

I find it interesting that no mention of who arrested Williams is in the TV reporting.


Police: Man unseats Sharpsburg mayor, gets arrested for DWI hours after election

Now the following is what was told to me last night but when I went to Mobile Patrol only the DWI charges were there.

See other charges along with the DWI Charge.

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Election Results Those Who Have Won The Primary

Sharpsburg Mayoral Race
Robert Williams has defeated the former mayor in a Special Election

Pitt County
District Attorney
Faris Dixon

NC House 08
Kandie Smith
FINAL No Opposition In November

Senate 05
Don Davis

Paula Dance

Wilson County
Sheriff Calvin Woodard

Washington County
Senate 01

D. Coles Phelp

Garry McFadden

US House 02
Linda Coleman

US House 12
Alma Adams

Rocky Mount City Council Interview Ward 3 To Replace Judge Lamont Wiggins, This Is Why I Want To Be Able To Be A Full Time Reporter To Report The Whole Story

Rocky Mount NC – I Find It Interesting That Rev. Richard Joyner Was Allowed To Be Interviewed For The Appointment To Replace Former Councilman Lamont Wiggins

Rev. Richard Joyner moved to Rocky Mount NC in April. He is still registered in the Edgecombe County Board of Elections Office at a Tarboro NC address. So how does that qualify him to be able to seek the appointment?

I reported on Sunday May 6 the following, Go to RICHARD EARL JOYNER 129 NC 111-122 S TARBORO, NC 27886 ADVENT CHURCH FELLOWSHIP HALL 57 LANCE LN MACCLESFIELD, NC 27852, Precinct: 0801, Voting Location: OLD SPARTA.

The council interviewed 5 candidates on Monday May 7 and Rev. Joyner was in that number. Councilmen Andre Knight made a motion to disqualify Joyner from the interview and Councilman Reuben Blackwell 2nd it. Motioned died. This is interesting.

Joyner said that he made sure he was eligible to seek the appointment so I wonder who did he check with? If the board attorney shared his input and was not in agreement then who deemed him eligible?

The attorney said that the council was not following the Constitution of the United States nor the rules of the board of elections. The argument is that the charter covers this situation that the person has to live at the address but do not speak to the requirements of the board of elections.

It appeared that Joyner was given the questions that were asked during the interview. It is believed that Councilwoman Lois Watkins gave him the questions.

If Joyner is voted in on Monday May 14 during the Council meeting then he will not be able to be seated on that evening which is the norm because he will not be validated as a registered voter and residence of the Ward. What kind of business is that? I have never heard of such.

I had to work on yesterday and I wish I had taken the day off so I could have videoed the interviews so I would not have to rely on getting the information verbally or written from other sources. My sources shared what happened during the interview session.

It would have been great if the local TV Station WHIG-TV had been there but I guess since it was all blacks were being interviewed they didn’t want the folk to see it for themselves. It is funny because they knew it was going to be controversial because it was reported in the paper the day before about how long Joyner had been living in Rocky Mount.

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