Rocky Mount NC: #CouponingWhileBlack: Pizza Inn Denies Black Man’s Coupon but Accepts Same Coupon From White Friend – The Root

The Watch Dog response: This is good but wait until you see the video coming soon on the The DCN News Blog Online TV.

Sometimes you just want to be able to use a coupon to save on a pizza deal, but if you’re a black man trying to use a coupon at a North Carolina Pizza Inn, you may be out of luck. Unless you have your handy-dandy “racism support human,” also known as a white friend, to run interference.

Link Alexander says he tried to use a coupon at a Rocky Mountain, N.C., Pizza Inn that advertised a free buffet, but he was immediately denied because the manager said he did not recognize the signature on the coupon. Hours later, Alexander’s white friend activated his ally powers like a good white friend should and was able to use the same exact coupon.

Alexander wrote about the incident on Facebook: (For Video & To Read More)

Note: Also see video as Alexander and Casey tell their story on The DCN News Blog Online TV.

In Response To Kayne West Supporting Trump

Curmilus Butch Dancy II, you remember Al Sharpton said several years ago – “If you are scared – say you’re scared.” Anytime a disillusioned negro defending Trump and blaming his own oppressed people for being slaves and forced into poverty, prison, premature death, he is nothing but a spineless coward who may as well admit he is “scared” to fight his oppressor so he helps his oppressor blame the oppressed. I would respect him more if he just said – “Rev. Gatewood, I’m scared, can you come and help me fight?” But instead of doing that he cowardly blames the victims and claims the “400 years of slavery sounds like a choice.”

Yeah, like people chose to put themselves on slave ships; chose to pass Jim Crow Laws; chose to be lynched by the thousands; chose to be massacred across the country when the proved to become independently successful as in Tulsa, Rosewood, Elaine, Wilmington, and list goes on where masses of successful black people were murdered; were countless activists/leaders were assassinated, deported, bombed, and in other ways destroyed or COINTELPROed. As if people chose to have their jobs shipped overseas and drugs and guns shipped into their communities while gansta rap systematically contaminate the airwaves. As if black people chose to walk into today’s plantations of forced poverty and mass incarceration.

If you are not going to fight and scared you might lose your job – that is one form of cowardism which may be more understandable although pitiful. But to lie and claim the slaves/oppressed have “chosen” to be slaves/oppressed is the worse and most dangerous form of cowardism. Normally I try not to spend too much time addressing fools. But number of young black and other people coming and trying to justify, rationalize, or contextualizes these lies proves we have to challenge liars when they have influence on the masses who are in dire need of being educated, treated, and receive reparations.