Edgecombe County Democratic Party So The Damn Chair Did Not Send The Convention Information To The State Headquarters

1st Congressional District Convention in Durham Saturday May 5 and ignant didn’t turn in information. So will Edgecombe County have any delegates top the Convention and will the Resolution from the Democratic Women that was submitted during the county convention be honored on Saturday? Well what I do know is that if the Democratic Women had not question the 1st Congressional District active chair the resolution would not be on the table but will it really be on the table remains to be seen? Hell is the Edgecombe County Democratic Party a party?

While his ignant ass was running around talking to folk about trying to remove me from the party he ought to have been listening to me trying to help him do what he suppose to be doing. Those around him who ought to had been helping him such as Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who know that the information suppose to had been turned in to the state in x amount of time. But hell it is in the Plan of Organization. Hell I broke it down the sections that pertain to what suppose to had been done but folk either didn’t read it or just didn’t give a damn.

I decided since I had seen an email that was sent out by Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair calling a meeting but to be retracted by the chair Lawrence K. Taylor that I was going to not do the petition to have his ass removed but to just let him and all of others who are going along with his mess to just hit rock bottom. Well I think they are there. Well I never received emails from either but I do believe that if the meeting had been called we would be in better shape as a party.

So who going to Durham on Saturday to the 1st Congressional District Convention? I had said I was going but then again I may change my mind because if I go then I will video and those who do not go will be able to see it my video so since they don’t want to listen to me what the hell do I need to travel to Durham and bring back the information while they are following the ignant ass chair and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs.

But then again I would not be doing it for these guys the party but the everyday folk the regular Democrats in the county who listens and want to be educated.

Oh just going to fellowship with all of the candidates within the 1st Congressional District is enough for me.

So damn glad I know how the party works, oh been actively engaged since the late 80’s.