Sheriff Woodard Response After Candidates Forum

Calvin L. Woodard

Thank you ALL for being supportive during the forum. We must stay focused and not allow ourselves to be turned away from the main issues. I did not have a reporter come to my house tonight, but every means was used on television (CBS Channel 17) to try to make it about animals and nothing on crime, children or our schools. Please make sure you VOTE, because Wilson County deserves to be a safe place for everyone and as your Sheriff I will continue fighting to make that happen. CW4WC Sheriff Calvin L. Woodard, Jr.

Photos/Video: Pitt County NAACP Community Mass Meeting/Get Out To Vote & Candidates Rally Got Heated About Minimum Wage

The DCN News Blog Online TV is here.

Rocky Mount NAACP Branch representing.

I am here because 1st I received an invite from Reginald Barrett.

2nd I try to support surrounding NAACP Branches.

But most important I am here because I am concerned about who will represent me because although I can’t vote for some of you, you will be representing me in your capacity.

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Wow! This was right interesting and I am glad I came because it got heated about the minimum wage.

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My friend Ayden Mayor Protem/Citizen of the Year Ivory Mewborn


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