I Should Stay Busy, Oh I Could!

You know with the work I do in the community actively engaged in educating folk about what is going on, all of these leaders, churches and others who say they are about making a difference and like what I do, I ought to stay busy. Well I could as long as I do it for free promoting them. But they talk about they are about supporting folk in the community. Really?

Just said that to make a point because I ain’t the only one that is doing something but I don’t know anyone else that do what I do.

Oh just having an ignant moment because I am good.

Who Needs Diversity/Sensitivity Training?

I have been there done that training here training there since the late 80’s.

I have lived and experienced diversity the lack of and the ignance of.

I am very damn sensitive to Ignant Racist White Folk actions and Ignant Safe Black Folk actions.

I can read the codes that Ignant Racist White Folk uses and I know when Black Folk are playing it Safe.

Know that I am not going to entertain yo b.s. when I am in the room and especially when I am actively engaged and a participant in the discussion.

While Ignant Racist White Folk Are Trying To Disrespect Me And Threatening Me

While I am speaking up and speaking out some Ignant Racist White folk be trying to discredit and threatened me some black folk sit back and say nothing. But that is okay. I can handle my own.

My point is that while I am being disrespected and most important threatened by these Ignant Ass Racist White Folk there is silence.

I am good ya’ll just saying! I been doing this since the late 80’s.

I ain’t scared in my Bernie Mac voice!

If I Was The Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party & Why I Would Not Seek That Office

If I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I would be promoting Democratic Candidates. I would be sponsoring functions and going to functions where they are especially when they receive appointments.

If I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I would educate the executive committee and all Edgecombe County Democrats that I could reach via Social Media, Newspapers and Radio/TV.

I would not seek to be the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I would not be able to support a specific candidate in the primary election. I will not be silenced by not being able to openly support a candidate.

I would not seek to be the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I can’t stand to see grown ass folk not reading the Plan of Organization so they could be able to make an informed decision but no they rely on the chair and other ignants within the party office structure or just go along to get along. Them kind of folk are dangerous.

Yep I said it!


Because I Show Up, I Speak Up I Ain’t Gonna Shut The Hell Up!

Because I Show Up, I Speak Up I ain’t gonna Shut the Hell Up!

You see I am Proactive and not just Reactive.

Folk already know where I stand so Ignant Racist Ass White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk already know who I am and know when they do something or something happens, they just waiting on me.

HOld on I am coming!

How Would You Have Known And Would You Have Seen?

So if I had not taken 3 hours vacation and used my resources do you think you would been able to see the historical moment when Lamont Wiggins was sworn in as Superior Court Judge?

Do you want to see the video?

Where was WHIG-TV or were they there? I didn’t see them.

But uf it had been a black man in the negative they would have been there.

I haven’t seen anyone forward anything from Fighting Crime what did they report?