Had To Block More Folk Tonight, Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk Will Not Disrespect Me On My Page

Had to block more folk tonight. I will make them a believer that they will not disrespect me on my page. All I ask is for you to abide by my rules and that is to stay on topic. We can agree to disagree as long as you stay on topic.

Ignant Racist White Folk you ain’t going to Troll my page because you want to talk about the Democratic Party and anything black folk may be affiliated with.

Ignant Safe Black Folk you ain’t going to Troll my page to see what is going on because I know I post some damn good stuff and in real time. But the main thang is you will be blocked because you think you are going to use my page to promote you or your agenda because hell yeah I have a huge following.

So folk stay on topic, don’t disrespect my page and don’t try to use my page to promote your agenda unless I have given you permission. And if you should have any questions about promoting you or your agenda then you need to talk to me.

I have given of myself for years promoting others when many ungrateful black folk have not donated to the cause.

Today I went to work in Rocky Mount and took 3 hours vacation time to go to Wilson to witness and to support the swearing in of Attorney Lamont Wiggins as Resident Superior Court Judge. I drove my vehicle which take gas, used my equipment to video and to take photos which is an expense. And then went and ate because I didn’t eat lunch, left work went and got vehicle cleaned up another expense.

Folk I sacrifice my time and resources to capture history and do it at my expense. So folk you will not disrespect me on my page.

2 thoughts on “Had To Block More Folk Tonight, Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk Will Not Disrespect Me On My Page

  1. You’re a lying, racist, dipshit ass moron. You’re gonna compare a guilty verdict of Bill Cosby to faulting white people of the present tine for slavery? How goddamn dumb can you be to not understand why literally ANYONE with half a brain would point out the lack of comparison between the two? If your great grandfather shot & killed my great grandfather & got away with it, should I have you prosecuted? NO, DUMBASS. If you had a single brain cell in that fucking dome of yours you would’ve seen that every original comment on that post was about how fucking IGNANT it was. God sees your true actions & intentions & there’s a special place in hell for hateful people like you, just remember that.


    • First of all I have not compared a damn thing. I shared the post in question and didn’t comment on it.

      But just just a few hours ago I posted the following, “It tickles the hell out of me how folk make the statement and then the question as the same.

      To me the part about Bill is a statement and the part about slavery is a question.

      Some folk treat it as a comparison but I treat it as a statement and it do not say Bill didn’t do what the did but damn the slavery part folk act as if that didn’t happen when it is fact.

      That part!”

      But yep I blockeda your trolling ass from my Facebook page. This is page is Public but I have to approve comments where on my Facebook page since it is Public if I had not blocked you, you would have been able to follow me but not comment unless you sent a Friend Request.


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