Cash Michaels Gets It When It Comes Bill Cosby And The Verdict Today

Cash Michaels

GOD Bless!

All I have to say is that, like many of you, I am saddened by the conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault of Bill Cosby. It is a shame, and before any of you start calling him a victim, Cos had one of the best lawyers money can buy (same one who represented Michael Jackson several years ago on some very creepy charges).

No, we never want to believe it when people we’ve come to love are accused of serious offenses, and it is automatic for us to defend them vigorously.

But notice, I didn’t say “KNOW and love,” and that’s because watching someone on television, seeing them in movies, or listening to their comedy albums for many, many years DOES NOT mean that you know that person at all. It just means that you enjoy their work because it made you smile.

Cosby is 80 years old, so now the question is, “What happens next?”

Well, his attorneys will appeal and hope to overturn the verdict. But if they lose, Bill Cosby goes to prison.

Some of you say, “This isn’t fair. Cosby wasn’t the only star doing stuff with women not his wife.”

Very true, but Cosby got caught. He counted on a societal and cultural situation where powerful men were able to get away with this kind of criminal behavior towards women.

But thanks to the #metoo movement, those days are gone!

So I join many of you in praying for Bill Cosby and his family. He’s lost two children, he’s in bad health, and now he’s been convicted of serious felonies.

May Almighty GOD have mercy on his soul!

Edgecombe County May 8 Primary Election Who Will Be On The Ballot

Clee Atkinson for Sheriff, Carol White for Clerk of Superior Court, Toby Fitch for NC Senate and Shelly Willingham for NC House have NO OPPOSITION during the PRIMARY so their names will not be on the ballot.

No County Commissioners have opposition so they WILL NOT BE on the BALLOT.

Only school board races will be on the ballot but none of them have opposition but I believe write in candidates are allowed on Election Day.

Sharpsburg citizens can vote for the Mayor again because of a Special Election being held because in October the Mayoral race was challenged and a new election was granted.

If you should have any questions contact me (252) 314-5484 or the Edgecombe County Board of Elections Office (252) 641-7852.

Confederate Monuments/Flag Questions I Have

Note: I don’t need a definition of what it is and what it mean to you.

Why do they exit?

When did they become existent?

Where are they mostly located?

Who are responsible for erecting them?

What purpose did they serve then?

What purpose does they serve today?

Where should they be located today?