If I Post Something About You Publicly That You Don’t Like, Don’t Come In My Inbox Respond Publicly Is This A Threat Or Not?

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Not sure why you’re putting my name in any of your comments in any posts on 27886 page. You don’t control what I do or say. I have a reason why I haven’t been on there. I haven’t been on that page talking about any of that stuff because of personal reasons due to me helping take care of my mother-in-law who is living with us after having a stroke. What you said to me about the Pink Ribbon Cafe has nothing to do with me not going on any Facebook page and commenting. I have more important things to do that involve my family. So I’m asking you to keep my name out of your comments on any social media site.

I know what happened.

Ain’t nothing happened when it comes to the Pink Ribbon I can promise that.


But I will mention your name any time I want to.

Well you keep saying my name on these posts I have nothing to do with or nothing I haven’t commented on. I ain’t about your stupid antics and what you are about.

I don’t need to repeat what I said.

Yeah me either. Keep messing with me and I will show you better than I can tell you. Now run tell that to whoever.

Really? I don’t play either.

Well keep putting my name out there and we will see who plays and who doesn’t.

And you will too!

Ok well just let me know when and where.

When and where for what?

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