Black Folk Talking About What Black Folk Need To Do When It Comes To Police Shootings, Really!

Damn black folk that talk about we need to police our own. And we try to do that but I be damn if I can police all black folk nor can the damn police. Just because we try to raise our family right that is a good thing but I be damn if I can be held responsible for how others raise their family. I can encourage folk to do what is right but I be damn if I can make them do anything.

The black folk who has all the answers putting black folk in categories go on to give examples such as guys walking around with their hairstyles, pants saggin and cursing. Well damn don’t put me and the folk I know who do not meet those qualifications in the same damn boat with others. But although some meet the qualifications it do not give the damn police the right to just shoot them down like they are deer hunting. These black folk who put black folk in that category make those polices who are shooting black folk down for no reason to think they are justified based on the qualifications above. Oh hell no.

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