Barack Obama supporters outraged by Bernie Sanders’ ‘deplorable’ attack on Democratic Party on anniversary of Martin Luther King assassination

The Watch Dog response: A damn shame this guy is an Independent but ran as a Democrat. This is why I could not support him. So since he branded the Democratic Party as a failure then why don’t his ass run as a Republican and see what happens. I damn sure hope he does not run as a Democrat in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Bernie Sanders has triggered a backlash by making comments interpreted as an attack on Barack Obama on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King.

The senator for Vermont appeared to criticise the first black US President as he branded the Democratic Party a “failure”.

Speaking in Jackson, Mississippi, he said Democrats had lost a record number of legislative seats.

“The business model, if you like, of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure,’ said the Vermont Senator.

“People sometimes don’t see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama. He was obviously an extraordinary candidate, brilliant guy. But beyond that reality…” (Read more)

Students suspended after participating in National Walkout Day – WITN

The Watch Dog response: This is quite interesting because this is the only school that I have heard of that students got suspended. I know schools have rules but I feel that in this situation the community need to come together the see what can be done so these students records will not be blemished. Go over to Tarboro 27886 and see the ignant ass racist white folk commenting about this article. I wish I had a student in the school so I could challenge the system.

TARBORO, N.C. (WITN) – Students at one Eastern Carolina high school are speaking out after they were suspended for taking part in National Walkout Day.

Sixteen students at North East Carolina Prep School in Tarboro originally walked out of class at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday as a show of support for the 17 victims in the Parkland, Florida high school shooting.

Principal Phillip Lampron told the students he respected their rights to walk out, but that he had to follow school policy which says students must stay inside.

He told the group that if they immediately went back into class there would be no punishment. One student returned.

The fifteen others were given in-school suspensions. Several we spoke to today said not only were they honoring those killed in the Florida shooting, but they were also taking a stand against something that never should have happened.

“I mean it’s basically telling us that for us standing up we did the wrong thing but in reality we did the right thing because it’s showing everybody that we actually care,” said K-Aja Sheridan, a senior at the school. (Read more)

Wilson County sheriff’s Facebook post alleges dead dogs are attempt to derail reelection – WRAL

The Watch Dog response: It is a damn shame how this mess about these dogs have suddenly come into play during the upcoming elections. This is nothing new some have attacked Sheriff Woodard from the time he has been elected. They are mad he is black. They are mad  about his salary and also some have said he has not done enough as his department is over animal control for the county something that has not been too long put in place before he became the Sheriff. The Sheriff is an animal lover so why would he not want what is best for animals. But damn the most important thing is it is a part of his job description and that is what he get paid to do. Some are mad because they say he ain’t saying enough. But damn if he share too much information it could hinder the ongoing investigation. But for the damn 2 candidate to weigh in talking about they don’t think. Really! If your ass don’t know why are you speaking to the issue in that aspect. It is a damn shame that folk want to silence him on Facebook because he didn’t say what they wanted him to say. Again damn he don’t need to share too much information. For the 2 candidates Dinise Dew Williams and Chris Boykin to comment if I was a candidate I would not touch it but they took advantage of the opportunity to get some TV time. Really! I get so sick and tired of folk trying to discredit good people in office. But what bothers me the most is when community leaders are silent. Silence is betrayal. Where are the NAACP President and other organizations on the issue? It is sad when folk sit back and allow the majority minority folk attempt to mislead folk and discredit good leaders. In my opinion Sheriff Calvin Woodard has done and is doing a great job.

WILSON COUNTY, N.C. — What started as an investigation into dead dogs found in trash bags around Wilson County has turned into a political issue.

Ten dogs have been found dead over the past few weeks and Sheriff Calvin Woodard posted online that he believes the timing of the scrutiny of the case is somehow designed to undermine his upcoming election to retain his office.

After several news stations covered the investigation into the dead dogs, Woodard made a post on Facebook questioning why the story was getting coverage so close to the election and implying that there was an agenda to derail his campaign. (Read more)

Note: I pulled the following comment from Sheriff Woodard’s page and I feel it speaks volume. Reminds me of what is going on in Edgecombe County.

Suzanne McAllister Amanda Lamb, you’re supposed to be an investigative reporter. Who has access to sick, old dogs? A couple that claim to care for over 100 dogs, many sick and old. The man has been arrested for stealing dogs. Why would dead dogs be placed in plastic bags and left next to the road? To be found! Why would this occur before a primary election? Bad publicity for our good sheriff. Who benefits from this? The opponent. Catherine-Lee Daniel Jenkins starts a petition to remove the sheriff. What is her motive? For the love of Dogs? That’s the name of the dog man’s business. Jenkins is obsessed with taking Woodard out. Many of those supporting her petition are those that have supported everyone that has ever run again Woodard. Many are dismissed WCSO employees. Many dislike Calvin Woodard because he is black. Amanda Lamb, if you’re going to come and stick your nose in, ask candidate Chris Boykin why, when he was the Chairman of the Wilson County Democratic Party, he refused to support the primary chosen candidate, Calvin Woodard. Ask Boykin why the state Democratic officials had to ask for his resignation.

Wilson NC – Sheriff Calvin Woodard Response To Media

This is what was sent to them.

Good Evening,

All cases at the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office involving any crime are investigated by our Office. We do have a detective investigating each of these cases. As part of our investigation, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement has taken several of the dogs that could be tested to the state crime lab to be analyzed. The state lab report indicates that each dog that was tested showed no signs of trauma, dogfighting, gunshots wounds, broken bones or poisoning. Evidence suggests that these dogs are dying from natural causes or medical issues such as heartworms and their bodies are being disposed of improperly which is still a crime. By conducting interviews, it has been determined that due to certain state regulations the county landfill is unable to take the carcass of any deceased animal or pet. Other than our continued investigation, our goal is to educate our citizens on the proper means of burial or how to dispose of their decease pet.

106-403. Disposition of dead domesticated animals.
It is the duty of the owner of domesticated animals that die from any cause and the owner or operator of the premises upon which any domesticated animals die, to bury the animals to a depth of at least three feet beneath the surface of the ground within 24 hours after knowledge of the death of the domesticated animals, or to otherwise dispose of the domesticated animals in a manner approved by the State Veterinarian. It is a violation of this section to bury any dead domesticated animal closer than 300 feet to any flowing stream or public body of water. It is unlawful for any person to remove the carcasses of dead domesticated animals from the person’s premises to the premises of any other person without the written permission of the person having charge of the other premises and without burying the carcasses as provided under this section.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office has always been committed to investigating and protecting the welfare of our animals in Wilson County. We have taken down and investigated illegal puppy mills, dog fighting cases and improved the adoption rate at the Wilson County Animal Shelter as well as implementing a spay and neuter program for people on limited income. Anyone with additional information can contact the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 252-237-2118.

Obituaries: Ada Dickens Rocky Mount NC Formerly of Pinetops NC

Ada Dickens Rocky Mount NC
Condolences Goes Out To My Cousins As Their Mother And Grandmother Ada Ruth Dickens Has Moved On To Another Home. I understand funeral will be Sunday so stay tuned.
Services Entrusted To Barnes Funeral Home Inc. Wilson NC

James Henry Randolph Pinetops NC
My condolences goes out to the entire family of the late James Henry Randolph. I have been knowing Mr. Randolph nearly all of my life. I used to fix his garden when I was a little boy growing up in the neighborhood.
Services Entrusted To Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc. Tarboro NC

Robert Rhodes Sr. Pinetops NC
My condolences goes out to my cousin Karen Wiggins Rhodes and the entire family of the late Robert Rhodes Sr.
Family are receiving donations toward the burial expense and they can be delivered to the funeral home or they can bring them to the house address is 1037 Tarboro Street Rocky Mount NC
Services Entrusted To Willoughby Funeral Homes Inc. Tarboro NC

Cummins workers honor King’s legacy – Rocky Mount Telegram

WHITAKERS — Union workers at Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant held an event Wednesday at the Bloomer Hill Community Center in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

King was in Memphis on April 4, 1968, to support a sanitation workers’ strike after two workers had been crushed by a malfunctioning garbage truck compactor, sparking a strike by about 1,300 black sanitation workers protesting poor working conditions and racist treatment.

Jim Wrenn, president of the Carolina Auto, Aerospace & Machine Workers Union-UE Local 150 at Cummins, said in the summer of 1978, Rocky Mount sanitation workers staged a series of walkouts and spearheaded a community struggle against racial injustice in defense of arrested and fired co-worker Alexander Evans, who was accused of stealing a suit of clothes off the back steps of a home in the wealthy white Englewood neighborhood in Rocky Mount. (Read more)

Letter to the Editor: Beware of appeals for ‘good old days’ – Dr. Kim E. Koo

The Watch DogSo glad I know Dr. Kim E. Koo and do not have to rely on the majority minority ignant racist white folk who continually post comments on this page along with those who hide behind the likes. Thank you Dr. Koo for telling it like it is and continuing to speak out even after losing your love one. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the memorial celebration of Richard Chip Smith a fine white man who cared about all people.

It seems that there is a sector of vocal older white folks who are always looking to the past and bemoaning some lost privileges.

Of course it would never be couched in such terms. Instead the euphemism used is “loss of freedoms” or “lack of justice” — but only for them, of course. They hanker for to the “good old days” when people of color and poor people were “put in their places.”

Under the guise of religious freedom, they want to force their beliefs on everyone. In actuality, majority of the world’s population are not only of one faith. True freedom of religion allows people to follow their faith and spirituality publicly or privately without fear of reprisals or ridicule.

The same folks cannot acknowledge their prejudices. The public image projected is an outraged and injured party by the new wave of activism by students, women, people of color and environmentalists. Deep down, they want to condemn the rest of society to continued poverty, exploitation, unequal wages, violence and terror and environmental deterioration, as long as the old ways where they sit at the top is preserved. They are afraid of change, especially for the better for the majority. (Read more)