Ignant Ass Racist White Folk and Ignant Ass Safe Black Folk

Ignant Ass Racist White Folk and Ignant Ass Safe Black Folk

I went to a funeral in Wilson this morning at 11 AM and like other days no matter what I am doing other while on my job, only during my lunch and break times I have to respond to some Speical Super Ignant Attention Seeking Racist White Folk and Safe Black Folk.

So damn sick of ignant ass folk who talk about how folk spell words and how these smart folk spell words, change your words and even sentences as if spelling count or how we say things as long as you get the damn point.

They get off topic because they can’t respond to the topic at hand so then they have to try to discredit folk by all that I mention above. But your ignant asses only make yourself look ignant because it happens to you from time to time.

But I got a solution for ignant ass folk and I sent out the memo last week. Just in case you didn’t get it or you ignored it and/or in denial, you gonna learn the day.

I am gonna make a believer out of you.