Edgecombe County Democrats …… Did You Know?


Because Senator Don Davis has Democratic opposition in the Primary Election he had to step down as the 1st Congressional District Chair until the election is over and then he can take his seat back.

Kim Mack is the 1st Congressional District Chair until further notice.

I wonder why our chair Lawrence K. Taylor didn’t report that. Oh he don’t make any reports he has nothing to say.

Someone Asked Me What The Donkey Stood For And I Said Democrats But The Chair Lawrence K. Taylor Is An Ass

This is the banner the chair Lawrence K. Taylor had made but what is wrong with this picture?

When I posted the front of the agenda on Saturday someone asked me what was the Donkey and I said Democrats and but the chair is an ass.



Still creating bills in the name of the party but the party has no money.

Children have changed America before, braving fire hoses and police dogs for civil rights – The Washington Post

The school gates were locked. But that didn’t keep hundreds of students from crawling up and over the fences, defying their parents, teachers and school principals to march against segregation.

It was May 1963 in Alabama, and Birmingham’s brutal public safety commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor, was waiting. His police moved in, herding the children into squad cars, paddy wagons and school buses for the trip to jail.

When the students kept coming, Connor turned fire hoses on them, knocking the children to the ground and spinning them down the street. To fight the high-powered blasts, some children joined hands trying to keep their balance in a human chain. But the torrents were too fierce; hit by the rocket-bursts of water the kids whirled one way, then the other, dragging down their comrades. (Read more)