Ignant Ass Trolls Stay Off My Blog Leaving Comments Hiding Behind Fake Names Because I Ain’t Gonna Approve Your Mess

The following is a comment one of the comments left on my page from time to time. I know that is a fake name. I don’t approve ignant mess.  Troll I know youare following me so here is my response to your Special Super Ignant Racist White Ass or Ignant Safe Black Ass.

Yes I have a damn good job. I don’t beg for anything. Ignant you just said I had a good job so why do I need to stand in front of Walmart?

Ignant ass I offer a service which comes with an expense. My time, my equipment: video camera and photo camera which uses SD Cards and I put photos on flash drive, ink cartridges black and white to type up my labels, DVDs, travel expense and other comes out of my pocket. I use 2 laptops to do my work on.

I post the videos on YouTube and that takes time to prepare. I post photos on Facebook and that takes time. My internet is so slow because living in a rural area so I go to a friend’s house to upload my videos because I can’t afford to use my phone as a hotspot because that will use up my data real quick.

My wife does not work and has no income coming in and she has not worked since we have been married 20 years ago. I have 3 children that I took care of ages are 31, 26 and 19. The 2 oldest have been to college the 26 year old I am still paying on her college loan over $12,000 that I had to get in my name so that she could finish school the last year. My son has been enrolled in a local community college for the past 2 years. I have other expenses as well.

I video lots of events and funerals. I have videoed a funeral for the past 3 years and 1 last Sunday and I have a funeral on tomorrow. I would hope they will donate to what I do so I can continue to do what I do. How many folk do you know that do what I do for free videoing and taking photos videoing for a couple of hours and taking anywhere from 200 to 1000 photos during any given event. Just one visitation and funeral I videoed for 5 plus hours in 2 days and took approximately 1342 photos.

I am grateful for the donations that I receive from time to time because I received enough donations around 2 years ago to purchase a new video camera. I struggled and purchased a new photo camera about a year ago. If my cameras are to stop working I will be without a camera.

I ain’t got time to play with ignant ass folk so stay off my page. Damn don’t be a punk and not post your real name since you so damn bad.


Christ Lightner

9 hours ago


I thought you had a good job but apparently kitchen work does not pay that well as you have three posts begging for money. Perhaps you would be better suited to standing in front of your local WalMart with a cardboard sign.


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