Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputy David Manning Dies In A Freak 3 Car Accident

I was en route to Tarboro on Highway 111/122 around 18:15 on Sunday March 11, 2018 and about 2 miles from where I live I seen a car in the ditch on the opposite side of the road as if he was turning into a yard. But I knew something was not right because you can turn into the yard from the highway the entire length of the front yard to go to the residence. The car was in the ditch and barely missed the mailbox.

As I continued around a curve about a 500 feet I seen what appeared to be another accident. It immediately came to my mind that I bet the car I had just seen was somehow involved with the accident. It was a male running around like he was trying to get the car out but that was not possible.

As I was walking up to see what was going on and I seen a Sheriff vehicle in the ditch and in front of it a truck. A person that I know said man this is someone’s son that live in Pinetops. He begin to tell me what was going on with the Deputy. Someone else said there are 2 people pinned in the truck.

There were 1 to 2 cars trying to come through from the Tarboro side and someone was hollering stop the traffic. I immediately went to my car and parked it middle way of the road to block traffic coming from Pinetops. I stood by my car and watched what was going on.

A deputy came up and he went to the deputy and … Shortly after the rescue squad arrived. The rescue loaded the deputy up and they left en route to the hospital.

After a volunteer fireman came up and begin to control the traffic telling them to turn around, I then walked back to see about the folk in the truck and to look at the entire scene. I began to take some photos and then one of the victims whom I know called me over and said to record the scene for him. I didn’t know at the time if he was a victim or why but I assumed he was his truck and it was his wife who I could tell was a part of the accident. I then went from photo mode to video mode. I had left my video camera and my photo camera at home, something I rarely do in case if I should need it.

After I videoed the entire area there was a call out for everyone to move away from the scene and go back by the fire trucks. I left the scene.

My sister who live right down from me had posted it was a bad wreck on Tarboro Highway and I said yes it is and I had just left the scene.

Folk begin to call me and to inbox me about the accident and I only shared limited information with them.

I received a phone call from someone that was nearby that told me what they had seen and asked me about the deputy and other.

I do not share publicly the names of accident victims until I have received the Press Release and or read about it or see it on a major news outlet.

I heard there was a video online that was done at the scene and when I looked for it it had been removed.

I have photos and video and will share them when I am told I can however I could do it now but it is called respect.

I have been thinking about the families involved every since I left the scene.

I know the deputy family and the family that was in the truck. I have not heard who the person is that make up the 3rd vehicle.

This is a sad time for all involved.

Curmilus Dancy II Reporter/Photographer/Videographer
The DCN News Blog Online TV


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