Judge Fitch seeks Senate seat: After 16 years on the bench, Wilson jurist running for General Assembly – Wilson Times

The Watch Dog response: First let me get this out of the way. I would love to see Pastor O.D. Sykes become my next Senator because he is a young man and I feel he would fight like hell for what is right. But I have been knowing Fitch since the late 80’s when I became actively engaged in community activism, political activism, the Democratic Party and The NAACP. Back in the day I used to attend the Democratic Party meetings and the NAACP meetings along with some other meetings in Wilson County. I remember when Fitch was a lawyer and in the NC General Assembly and when he became Judge. I know he will fight like hell because of his record and seeing him in action.

After nearly two decades, Superior Court Judge Milton F. “Toby” Fitch Jr. hopes to switch seats from behind the bench to the state Senate.

Fitch retired from his long-held post Friday and filed to run for the N.C. Senate District 4 seat, which covers Wilson, Edgecombe and Halifax counties. He will face O.D. Sykes in the 2018 Democratic primary. Sykes, a Weldon resident, filed to run for the seat on Tuesday.

Fitch, who has served as Superior Court judge for 16 years, will turn 72 — the mandatory retirement age for judges — in October.

“I’m not ready to be put on a shelf and dusted off, so I’m going to offer myself to continue my service to the people … in the capacity of state senator,” Fitch told The Wilson Times. “And I would hope with my experience and my ability to be able to cross the aisle, that I would be able to make some things happen in eastern North Carolina as well as across the state.”

The newly redrawn Senate District 4 encompasses Wilson, Edgecombe and Halifax counties. Fitch said he felt a continued sense of duty and service to the people in those counties and the state. And he belies he’s well-suited and qualified for the job. (Read more)


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