Candidate filing to begin – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Monday February 12, 2018 the political games will begin. Edgecombe County will be in a new Senate District moving from 3 and now will become 4. This means Senator Erica Smith will no longer be representing Edgecombe County. So who will be our Senator? Sheriff Clee Atkinson who was appointed last year in March will be seeking re-election. He announced his candidacy in December at Abrams in Pinetops NC. The Edgecombe County Democratic Party chair gave no report on the announcement by the Sheriff nor mentioned it during our Annual Executive Committee meeting on January 30.

Candidate filing in the Twin Counties for the 2018 elections begins noon on Monday and runs through noon on Feb. 28.

Registred voters wishing to run for office should appear at the Board of Elections offices in either Nash or Edgecombe counties during the filing period, complete the necessary paperwork and pay the filing fee, according to officials from the Nash and Edgecombe county Board of Elections. (Read more)


Reminder! I Ain’t Holding Back! I Have Come Too Far, Worked Too Hard To Turn Around!

I told folk I was not holding back this year allowing folk to mislead folk and just say mess. If you have a problem with being challenged then ya need to delete me.

I ain’t into feel good words that has no value.

Folk ain’t gonna respond to what I say because they are scared of how folk gonna feel about them if they agree with me. But when I know that I know that I know that you know that I know I am about them trues then nothing else matters.

You see if you know me, you know who I am. But some know but are in denial. But that is alright I ain’t mad with nobody. I know who got my back. Yep the Good Master but I got some folk who are close to me also.

I don’t post for Amens nor Pats on the back. I validate me so when I say something I want it to be something that someone can use.

Now Dream about that part!