This has been a long week have not had a day off in 13 days and working tomorrow

This has been a long week have not had a day off in 13 days and working tomorrow. But I had options to be off.

I videoed Edgecombe County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday night.

I videoed basketball games on Tuesday and Friday nights. I attended bible study on Thursday night first time going in several months.

I didn’t get paid for videoing so I put in my time and resources.

I volunteered to be on a committee at the County Commissioners meeting and I have had to respond to some ignant conversations about Animal Control complaints during the Public Comments. I posted the video without any comments stating this is what was said at the meeting. I posted my video in the comments after the article about the meeting. Some folk are very passionate about dogs and that is good. But I have a damn problem when folk want me to compare dogs to my family members or human beings. Oh hell no!

Maybe they don’t know the story but it was dogs that were used to terrorize black folk and ain’t nobody talking about that part but they gonna learn the day.

I respect the life of dogs and I will look at the local ordinance and state policies to hold folk accountable as the laws are now and to seek any necessary changes. So folk let me do my job by serving on the committee that I volunteered so if you want to come after me you better come correct. You see I ain’t on a chain. So when you recognize and understand that part the better off you will be.

Now Dream about that part!


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