You see what makes me different from ordinary folk is . . .

You see what makes me different from ordinary folk is I will try to educate you whether you like it or not. I will tell you what I want you to know in your face or in writing. I prefer writing when I don’t have my video camera or voice recording rolling. Folk get the I CRS and therefore I can play it back for them or produce the wtitten hard copy.

I know many folk don’t want to hear them trues coming from me but I try to keep you from making a fool of yourself. If that mean you get mad with me in the process, that’s alright.

Everybody that says they love the Lord don’t really mean it, but the good thing about it is he loves us in spite of our mess.

So I am gonna put the trues out there and it is up to you how you receive it. I recognize and understand I have no control over how folk receive things.

But at the end of the day them trues gonna stand.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Now Dream about that part!


This has been a long week have not had a day off in 13 days and working tomorrow

This has been a long week have not had a day off in 13 days and working tomorrow. But I had options to be off.

I videoed Edgecombe County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday night.

I videoed basketball games on Tuesday and Friday nights. I attended bible study on Thursday night first time going in several months.

I didn’t get paid for videoing so I put in my time and resources.

I volunteered to be on a committee at the County Commissioners meeting and I have had to respond to some ignant conversations about Animal Control complaints during the Public Comments. I posted the video without any comments stating this is what was said at the meeting. I posted my video in the comments after the article about the meeting. Some folk are very passionate about dogs and that is good. But I have a damn problem when folk want me to compare dogs to my family members or human beings. Oh hell no!

Maybe they don’t know the story but it was dogs that were used to terrorize black folk and ain’t nobody talking about that part but they gonna learn the day.

I respect the life of dogs and I will look at the local ordinance and state policies to hold folk accountable as the laws are now and to seek any necessary changes. So folk let me do my job by serving on the committee that I volunteered so if you want to come after me you better come correct. You see I ain’t on a chain. So when you recognize and understand that part the better off you will be.

Now Dream about that part!

If you have an Extremely High Utility Bill during extreme weather conditions… It’s normally due to 1 of 2 things…. by Elder Speight

The Watch Dog response: Thank you Elder Speight because these folk talking about their high light bills and can not prove they have been overcharged by no fault of their own, talking about where their thermostats were set and other will just be talk.

If you have an Extremely High Utility Bill during extreme weather conditions… It’s normally due to 1 of 2 things…. 
#1 Faulty meters— (Unfortunately, this Takes some investigating to prove… )… problem here is – most 
people don’t know or never check with their utility provider to see what they charge [per 10k KWH, or per 1k gallon of water or per Gas] so they have nothing to compare to…. All they left with to compare is Last month bill compared to current bill ( Which is Useless) 
It’s just as important to know what your PER HOUR or Per Gallon Utility usage charge is – As it is to know your Interest Rate charge is on your Home/Car loan

I read one post, that someone heard that the city charges more to the public to cover their Christmas light cost….my response to this is – Was this tactic ever Approved in the City Council meeting….Did the residents of the city vote or Accept this action….And did anyone ever verify what their Per KWH charge was before, during and after the holiday / winter season???? 

#2 Second reason for Unusual or unstable Utility Charges are…. One’s Residence IS NOT WEATHERIZED – NOR ENERGY EFFICIENT…. just because it stays Cold longer outside – doesn’t mean the inside of your residence should feel the same as the outside…. IF YOUR RESIDENCE IS NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT – THEN #YES YOUR BILL WILL CONSTANTLY CHANGE (AND GO UP) 

Along With the Joys of Having a roof over our heads and the pleasure/ necessity of AC and HEAT – COMES SELF RESPONSIBILITY ….

I’m not sure how the Plan Payment works, but as Curmilus pointed out, it might be an option for some… To temporarily address ones high bills….

But Unless one Love just giving utility companies outrageous large sums of money every month- Then I would highly recommend – Self Accountability …

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Light Bills

What folk need to do is to monitor their meters and then see if they are being overcharged vs being charged for the actual usage because of having almost a half of a month with temperatures in the teens and/or below the teens.

It makes a difference what the thermostat is set on. It makes a difference how much consumption is being used while folk are at home.

Some folk bills consist of electric, gas and water all together.

I think some folk are focused on the wrong thing and ought to be trying to get a payment plan vs trying to say they are being overcharged without being able to justify it.

Light Bills/Other Issues

I can’t attempt to help you with your battles if you don’t provide all of the facts. I don’t operate off emotions. So if you want me to even think about offering my resources then I got to have all the facts. I investigate anyway but some things I can’t investigate without you giving up some information.


Light Bills
Job Issues
School Issues
Issues, Issues, Issues

Now let that drip!

I will be sitting right here!

Landlords seek buyout in Princeville – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I love it when folk come to me with mess and/or I hear folk talking about mess in person and/or on local radio and tv stations and here on Facebook and they have not done their homework. Folk keep on listening folk just because who they are and not follow up on what they are saying and continue to look ignant. I tell folk to don’t take my word, follow up behind me. However I am going to give you the facts as presented to me after doing my research. If I should error then I am going to make the necessary correction. I took a break from attending the Princeville meetings just to see what kind of information and how it would reach the folk that do not attend the meetings. Folk take the sound bites from the newspaper and it get all twisted. But my videos don’t lie and I don’t either. I am going to see if the Roosevelt Higgs who is allowed to get on the local radio and tv stations and talk about folk. I remember he called the mayor and others slavemasters because they would not allow the folk to be considered in the buyout. I remember in one of the meetings that I videoed when Carlton Jones a realtor who owns houses in Princeville was driving the discussion as if he were concerned about the citizens there and was going after the mayor. Well I knew the story he was trying to look out for himself and other landlords because that was the only way for them to get funds because since they are landlords they would have to rehab their homes out of their own pocket.

PRINCEVILLE — Princeville Mayor Bobbie Jones said 95 homeowners out of the 750 homes in Princeville recently signed up for the buyout option stemming from the flooding of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 that left the town underwater for the second time in the past 20 years.

Jones said the Princeville Board of Commissioners went against his wishes to give town residents the option to take a buyout. Residents also had the option to go with mitigation reconstruction that allows existing homes to be demolished and rebuilt or the option of elevating their homes.

However, Jones said, further analysis revealed that the 95 people that signed up for the buyout aren’t Princeville citizens. (Read more)

WRAL: The Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Is Getting Credit For Saving The Basketball Season At Phillips Middle School Battleboro NC

Thank you Edgecombe County Sheriff Office for making a difference in the lives of these young folk.

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