A Moment In Education: Rocky Mount Haters

The haters in Rocky Mount that current live there or have moved a way why are you just mad?

You haters keep talking about Rocky Mount is just a bad place to live, work and play. Really!

I find it quite interesting that ya’ll continue to hate when construction continue downtown and throughout the city. New businesses continue to open and/or relocate.

The haters keep talking about crime. Crime in Rocky Mount is no different than crime in other areas.

The problem is the haters continue to mislead folk with half-trues putting out mess that ain’t right especially on WHIG-TV, Community Council and Rocky Mount Telegram via comments be it following articles, Letters to Editors and Speak Up. The haters do not know how the Rocky Mount Government works. They don’t do any homework just get sound bites from the sources I just mentioned.

Folk stop listening to the haters without doing your own research but all means listen to them so you can see who the haters.


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