NC congressional districts struck down as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders – News & Observer

The Watch Dog response: I totally agree Senator Erica Smith Ingram

INSANITY….. per Einstein (or Rita Mae Brown who said it was Jane Fulton who is fictional) nevermind “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”….. Let’s reclaim our sanity and humanity – 2 birds with one stone – #IndependentRedistrictingCommission

“The North Carolina challengers argue, like the challengers in Wisconsin, that the maps drawn discriminate against Democratic candidates and voters because of their political beliefs. They say the lawmakers who either “packed” them into a single district or “cracked” their district into multiple districts to weaken their influence are robbing them of free speech and equal protection rights because their opinions differ from the lawmakers in power.”


NC congressional districts struck down as unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders

A three judge panel issued a ruling in lawsuit filed by Common Cause and the League of Women Voters



If You Don’t Want To Deal With It All, Then Shut The Hell Up!

In 2018 I am gonna see just how many folk post mess and/or I know they do mess but say nothing while allowing folk like this Rev. to act as if he is all that when they know he don’t live where he says he live. I am using him as an example because so many folk know him and of him and he is always calling in to local talk shows saying ignant mess. Well I know somebody gonna call him and tell him I am talking about him again.

Not only is he a problem but you are more of the problem for validating his mess.

Hell some of you want to talk about that guy running this country but allow mess that you can control right here at home to go on and say nothing.

I have a problem with folk who want to always talk about what is going on over there but not over here, on the state and national but not on the local. One of the best ones want they always want to talk about what is going on in somebody else’s church but not what is going on at their own church.

Now anyone that has a problem with what I say and do feel free to respond, hey I am a big boy and can handle it as long as you come correct. Don’t come correct and you will not like my response. I have a degree in dealing with B.S. However do I always get it right? Nope! But those who don’t, think they are right because nobody challenge them.

Challenge me!

Silence is Betryal!

Now let that drip!