Weather Alert–Edgecombe & Surrounding Areas

Special Weather Statement issued January 08 at 10:10PM EST by NWS Raleigh
…Patchy black ice possible through early Tuesday morning across central NC… Monday was the first day in over a week in which the thermometer rose above freezing. This warmth helped to melt the snow pack across sections of the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain. This melted snow on area roadways will refreeze overnight into pockets of black ice as temperatures cool to near or slightly below freezing. Additionally, areas of fog are expected to develop overnight. With temperatures around freezing, the fog may coat the pavement and exposed objects with a thin glaze of ice. Motorists overnight through 9 AM Tuesday will need to be aware that they may encounter a few slick spots on their morning commute, especially if there routes pass through hilly terrain or areas shaded by trees. Motorists are encouraged to allow extra time to reach their destinations early Tuesday morning.


Obituaries: Bertha Battle Pinetops NC, Walter Jones Conetoe NC, Cleo Jenkins Pinetops NC, Anna Christine Ellis Tarboro NC, Johnny Earl Harris Fountain NC, Ernest Lee Dancy Sr. Battleboro NC, Alton Jerome Dancy Battleboro NC

Bertha Battle Pinetops NC
My mother the late Dorothy Horne Dancy sister
Children: Bobby Harris Rocky Mount NC, Tammye Blossom Maryland, Sherod Battle Snow Hill and Twedell Battle
Sisters: Nancy Freeman Tarboro NC, Lillie Randolph Speed NC
Brother: James T. Horne Pinetops NC
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Services Entrusted to Hemby- Willoughby Mortuary, Inc., of Tarboro, NC. 

Walter Jones Conetoe NC Former South Edgecombe/SouthWest Edgecombe Teacher
Mr. Jones was one of the funniest guys I knew kept something going all the time. He used to call me Cool Breeze (my CB Radio Handle) every time I ran into him. I just seen him at Mr. Arthur Jackson’s funeral on last Saturday.
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Services Entrusted to Dickens Funeral Home Inc. Tarboro NC

Cleo Jenkins Pinetops NC
Condolences goes out to David Jenkins, Floyd Jenkins, Beatrice Jenkins Mullins and the entire Jenkins family.
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Services Entrusted to Baker Funeral Home Inc. Tarboro NC
Funeral Service Ebenezer Baptist Church Rocky Mount NC 1:00 PM Saturday January 13, 2018

Anna Christine Ellis Tarboro NC
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Services Entrusted to Hemby- Willoughby Mortuary, Inc., of Tarboro, NC.

Johnny Earl Harris Fountain NC
Condolence goes out to the Harris family.
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Services Entrusted to Hemby- Willoughby Funeral Home of Fountain, NC.

Ernest Lee Dancy Sr. Battleboro NC & Alton Jerome Dancy Battleboro NC
Father and brother of Edgecombe County Commissioner Evelyn Powell you and the entire Dancy family have my condolence.
Click here: Services Entrusted to H.D. Pope Funeral Home Inc. Rocky Mount NC
Funeral will be Friday, January 12th at 12noon at First Baptist Missionary Baptist Church, 8612 Battleboro-Leggett Road, Battleboro, NC 27809

Press Release Edgecombe County Sheriff Office: Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson announces the arrests of 3 people involved with trafficking Cocaine

Press Release



            Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson announces the arrests of 3 people involved with trafficking Cocaine within the Twin County area.


            Two joint investigation, involving the Tar River Regional Drug Task Force, resulted in the arrests of three persons involved in trafficking Cocaine.  These investigations have led to the seizure of approximately ½ a kilogram of Cocaine over the past few weeks, and resulted in a search warrant being served at 1020 Burt St. Rocky Mount. The street value of the drugs seized is over $25,000.


            Arrested were:

                                    Nathaniel Clevester Clark, 26 years old, from Lexington St Rocky Mount.

                                    Charges:          Trafficking in Cocaine

                                                            Possession with intent to sell/deliver Cocaine

                                                            Bond: $100,000 secured


                                    Lamont Andrea Stancil, 39 years old, from 1020 Burt St Rocky Mount.

                                    Charges:          Trafficking in Cocaine

                                                            Possession with intent to sell/deliver Cocaine

                                                            Maintain a dwelling to sell Cocaine

                                                            Possession of a firearm by felon

                                                            Bond: $80,000 secured


                                    Jacob Clark, 33 years old, from 1016 E. Stokes Ave. Rocky Mount.

                                    Charges:          Possession with intent to sell/deliver Cocaine

                                                            Bond: $20,000 secured


            Sheriff Clee Atkinson states that arrests like these will continue.  The cooperation between the different agencies is the only way to slow down the trafficking of drugs in our communities and to make our neighborhoods safer.  No Sherriff’s Office or Police Department can do it alone.  Drug dealers don’t recognize city limits or county boarders.  Like in this case, we partnered with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations and the Nash County Sheriff’s Office to maximize the results of the investigation.  Investigations like this show the drug dealers that the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office is serious about making our county a safe place to raise a family and build strong ties with the community.  We will work with local, state and federal authorities to put a message out that this is not the place to come to if you plan on selling drugs, we will investigate and prosecute drug dealers. 


            Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone echoed those statements by saying, collaboration between agencies is paramount.  Sheriff Stone states that citizens reporting suspicious activity gives law enforcement the ability to make these larger seizures.


            The Tar River Regional Task Force consists of the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office , Nash County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, Tarboro Police Department, Spring Hope Police Department and Nashville Police Department. 

H&M selling a hoodie that says "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" Ain’t This A Damn Shame?

The Watch Dog response: Ain’t this a damn shame? And then they wonder why conscious black folk like me always speaking out against the mess they be doing. This is why I refuse to be silent! The problem I have is that apologizing does what, they have got their message across now.

Daryl Davis just started a petition to H&M

H&M This Is Unacceptable

Sign now

Racism isn't edgy! align=

Dear Curmilus,

I just started a petition titled H&M This Is Unacceptable

Yesterday, a shopper noticed that H&M UK was using a Black boy to model a hoodie reading “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” H&M selling a hoodie that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” is insult enough. They went on to ensure their message was clear when they put the hoodie on a little Black boy in order to advertise it. There is no excuse for H&M to continue to trade in that imagery in our current times, there’s a long history of Black people being compared to monkeys in order to dehumanize us. H&M must show a commitment to diversity and hire Black executives to stop propagating racism.

Join us if you believe that H&M must hire Black executives empowered to prevent this.

This is a failure on every level. The stylist, photographer, marketing manager, site administrator all failed to stop and think of the implications of dressing a little Black boy in an outfit calling him a monkey. Or they thought of the implications and moved forward anyway. Hoping to capitalize off of the controversy they knew this would engender. This is a result of a fashion industry steeped in racism and lacking Black voices. This knowing exploitation of racism only reifies stereotypes and bigotries that have dominated our society. We cannot divorce the image of a Black kid as a “monkey” from the image of a Black kid being so different from white people that they’re seen as an inherent threat. We’ve seen Adidas attempt to release shoes with ankle shackles, referencing the painful history of slavery and the dehumanization we were subjected to as a result. We’ve seen fashion magazines like Vogue use Blackface to be “edgy” and controversial. Each of these decisions serves to further entrench the image of Black people as an “other.” This image of the Black person as an “other” is seen in the makeup of the fashion industry so severely lacking empowered Black voices to prevent the continued dehumanization of Black people.

Racism isn’t a marketing ploy, tell H&M to hire Black executives now!

Dressing a Black kid in a shirt calling him a monkey isn’t “hip” or “ironic.” We cannot allow “rebranded” racism to flourish. The racism of the fashion industry is reflected in the lack of Black designers, brands, and models. Clearly, H&M needs Black executives who are empowered to prevent this from reoccurring. They need to hire Black executives now.

Will you sign the petition and forward this email to make sure your voice is heard? Add your name here.

We cannot continue to support a brand that is intentional trafficking in racism. We cannot let brands push racist imagery in the name of being “edgy.” H&M depends on Black consumers for revenue and cachet. We must send a clear message to H&M and force them to change their business practices and hire Black executives.

H&M must apologize and hire Black executives now!

Thank you,

Daryl Davis

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