Mike Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Klan/Nazi propagandist Bannon has telegraphed the Special Counsel that he had nothing to do with the "Treason" and the "Obstruction" of the Trumps

Read every page of Mike Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Klan/Nazi propagandist Bannon has telegraphed the Special Counsel that he had nothing to do with the “Treason” and the “Obstruction” of the Trumps. The naked emperor, meanwhile, desperately looks for the best capegoats to blame as his leaking boat begins to go down.

I love my daily Joy, Rachel, and Ed Pilkington’s Guardian.
I love watching brilliant reporters painting clarifying word pictures explaining the naked man’s crimes. I sense each day they have become more conscious of their historical duty to educate millions of white people who have never learned how racism works,particularly in the Jim Crow South.

The Wolff book and the patriotic reporters are educating the 60-70% of the electorate who will vote in eleven months. Whether the Wolff revelations and the floodgates of leaks from White House witnesses with pending indictments and arrests and deals announced as Dr. King’s birthday approaches will be enough to cut through the remaining 25-30% of our sisters and brothers still walking in the Fox Fog is doubtful. I am reminded of the insights from the social psychology experiment, “When Prophecy Fails;” Erich Fromm’s analysis of his fellow German’s failure to organize a strong resistance movement,”Escape from Freedom;” and Erving Goffman’s classic, “Cooling out the Mark.”

I am a psychologist and quite aware my obsession with the drama of Trump’s demise is connected with my personal existential issue. My 81-year old body reminds me of my mortality more than I would like. I’m aware I would like to see Trump get caught before I get much older. As evidence of this awareness, I submit that I now shorten my favorite freedom song to: “Woke Up This Morning with my Mind.” Thank you Jesus!

But I am also a race man deep down. I’m driven by the fact that every young person–black, white and brown — who gets interested in and becomes a part of the social justice movement is worth the effort. I still believe our duty during this period of rising consciousness is to make the big tent of our People’s Coalition even bigger. At the same time, those of us who believe in the centrality of the struggle against racism must strengthen the center pole of the big tent with steel alloy hardened with the meld of our daily practice and theory of mass struggle against racist southern institutions.

Join us at the Peoples House on Jones Street on Wednesday, January 10. It is now controlled by an all-white group of trespassers, whose were elected in illegal elections, so found by the U.S. Supreme Court, 9-0, last spring. These trespassers arrogantly announced they are meeting in their locked “all white” caucus room to put finishing touches on their new attack on black people. This time they want to purge the courts of Black Judges, just as they were caught illegally purging voters lists of black voters. For some reason, they believe they cannot trust Black judges to go along with their racist agenda.

Thanks Al McSurely for sharing this I can always count on you to give us the real deal.