My 55th Birthday December 25, 2017

Thank you God for waking me up this morning to see another birthday the big 55.

On December 23rd I was videoed my cousin Felton & Shelia Dickens birthday dinner and surprised renewing of the vows. I got to enjoy the evening of some good food, fun and fellowship.

On December 24th I attended the Carolina Panthers Football game for the 2nd year in a row on Christmas Eve. I was able to get my hands on 4 tickets last year and was going to take my wife, son and his girlfriend but my son and his girlfriend had other plans so my since I had 4 tickets my best friend Otis Barnes and one of his church brothers came from Richmond Virginia and my cousin Gregory Horne rode with me. Them Panthers lost.

This year I was able to get 6 tickets so my wife, son and his girlfriend, my daughter and her boyfriend all went with me this year. It was really all about them having the opportunity to go to the game because I would have been ok. What a way to spend my birthday weekend with the family. And the main thing them Panthers won!

I want to thank those who make it possible for me to get the tickets this year for my birthday. My family and I will never forget December 24, 2017 however they may forget today December 25, 2017 my birthday! But that’s alright whatever makes them happy.

Well since I volunteer my time and resources throughout the year, I am going to rest up today and go back to work tomorrow. I could have just stayed home and got paid this week but I am going in and make that triple time so I can pay that $1000.00 car insurance because I carry my dad, wife and children. Ain’t God good he continues to make a way out of no way.

As I rest and celebrate my birthday today I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and enjoy your day!

2 thoughts on “My 55th Birthday December 25, 2017

  1. May you enjoy many more. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Keep up the excellent work. 

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