In Response To Stephen High Email To Me, Downright Ignant Really!

The Watch Dog response: I know how to spell ignant ass. I got the word from the Steve Harvey Show and I loved it because I knew it would agitate folk like you.

When I googled ignant when I 1st heard it on The Steve Harvey Show up until today I have not seen the definition you have here. However even if it was the definition I can choose how I spell words and say words because I am a grown ass man. Now get that!

Stephen High




IGNORANT means: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

IGNANT is an old term not used anymore. It was used during the early 1800 with the Afro-American Community during the time of slavery. Why do black Americans seem they are the only people to have been slaves? There is Black slaves today in 2017 owned by black owners in Africa. There are black slaves today in 2017 in parts of the Arab world. God bless the women in these countries, they are treated as second class citizens. Excuse me, but I know you were never a slave nor your children. Quit playing a race game that you will never win.  The Jewish people were the longest people to live as slaves, more than any other race. 6 million Jews murdered by Hitler. In Bible times they were slaves to the Babylonians, Syrians, and more.

I did not know Barbara Jordan was still alive.


One thought on “In Response To Stephen High Email To Me, Downright Ignant Really!

  1. This ignant has responded again,

    Wed 12/20/2017 21:06
    Stephen High

    It did not bother me at all. Now I know you learn from the Steve Harvey Show. You should be learning from books not comedy. All this bullshit you list below your name is indeed comedy at the truest sense. I actually thought you were a woman by your tone.
    “folk like me” Truly Ebonics. NIGGOR!!

    My response:

    But Ignant! Obviously it did and still do because your ignant ass still responding. You know I learn from the Steve Harvey Show. Really?

    But Ignant! I am in control of me what and I learn.

    But Ignant! You have an issue with the list below my name but why? I am the man!

    But Ignant! You are the woman and you have been screwed by the Political Agitator because you have been agitated!

    But Ignant! I get to choose who my friends are not you so to say I have no friends is too ignant! Liar!

    But Ignant! You are following me and not me following you so continue on ignant ass because you are entertainment tonight!

    Now let that drip!

    I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and The Liar Patrol.


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