Rocky Mount NC – Willie R. Williams Has Been Appointed Interim Police Chief

The city of Rocky Mount has announced the appointment of Willie R. Williams as interim police chief, effective Dec. 12, 2017. Williams was chosen after Chief James Moore announced his retirement. Williams, a three-time police chief, will serve in an interim capacity until a permanent replacement is named.

Most recently, Williams worked as chief of Police for North Carolina Central University (NCCU). He retired from the school in 2013 after seven years of dedicated service. Under his leadership, the NCCU Police Department was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. During his tenure at the university, Williams also collaborated with his team to develop the department as a High Performing Agency, providing courteous, flexible and effective policing services to the community. An industry expert on management and leadership, Williams is an advocate for community policing and implemented the Community Based Policing Model as chief of Police for the city of Wilson. Williams worked in this capacity for six years.

He is also known in the city of Petersburg, Va. where he served as the police chief for three years before returning home. Williams also worked as a major for many years for the city of Rocky Mount before working in Petersburg, Va. Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Education from North Carolina Wesleyan College. He is also a graduate of the FBI Academy (129th session), FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Training Program, the Southern Police Institute and the Municipal/County School of Government program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Williams is currently a senior consultant with Developmental Associates and provides leadership training to new police chiefs through the Southeastern Community Oriented Policing Education Institute (SCOPE) at the University of Tennessee. Williams has received over 75 awards and honors for professional and community related achievements, including the Order of the Long Leaf Pine from former Governor Beverly Purdue.

“We look forward to welcoming Chief Willie Williams to the Rocky Mount Police Department during this transitional period,” says City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney. “I am especially excited about the chief’s community policing efforts, his many years of experience in comparable communities and the educational attributes he brings to our organization.”

Chief Moore’s retirement is not effective until Jan. 1, 2017. He will aid Williams during the transition. Williams will be sworn in at the Dec. 11, 2017 council meeting. His salary will be $5,408.42 bi-weekly. Small-Toney will also continue the search for a permanent police chief and for the executive search firm that will assist in the appointment of the next chief of Police for the city of Rocky Mount.

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Forgive? Really?

First of all for me it matters what I am dealing with if I want to forgive. Some things I feel it could easily be said that I forgive you but there are many things that I feel it ain’t so.

Now having a relationship with someone and they do me wrong could be forgiven as long as that person does not present a threat to me. We can move on with our lives.

Now slavery how can I forgive for that act that continues to dominate America? I just can’t! I have seen the affect of slavery before my time and during my time and the affect is being carried out by some folk today. Nope I am not talking about folk being bought and sold but what I am talking about is what is the affects that took place during slavery time is alive and well today. I don’t have to go into detail and will not. Anyone who don’t get it are either in denial, don’t give a damn or just ignant to the facts. I ain’t got time for them folk.

Some things that have taken place in America as it pertains to black folk I believe that forgive should not come to mind but living with it trying to make good come out of it will be what will happen until the end of time in my opinion.

I Repeat! Be True To Yourself!

I repeat!

Be true to yourself first!

Know that we all make choices and once you get to a certain age you better think more about the choices you make because they will can and will come back to haunt you even if it don’t become Public because you know what you did. If you got a conscious it will bother you.

Don’t get it twisted we all have more than likely made some bad choices in our lifetime. But once you learn better we should do better.

Just my ignant opinion!

Albert Preston Holmes Talking About Me Over There On Fighting Crime LMBAO!

My resources keep me informed! Fighting Crime blocked me a couple of years ago because I called them out. I can read their mess but can’t comment so I don’t go over there unless somebody send me something to check out. Wow! I made the cut they talking bout me over there. I am going to tell my daddy they talking about me.

Oh I am loving it, I am the man!

These racists are mad!

The following they talking about my article in the Rocky Mount Telegram: Letter to the Edior: Rocky Mount is making great progress Damn good article!