Just Because They Got Caught Up In Sexual Harassment Don’t Blame Me!


Click on photo to watch video

Some folk when they hang out with the good ole boys that do that kind of stuff they think they can do it too! They think they can do the things they do when it comes to money, sex and drugs and they can but when time catch up with their asses then they have to pay the price. So if they think they can do what they do just because, well I have no sympathy for them.

I have always said that politics don’t have to be dirty so play the game pay the price.

I have always said when I leave home a red flag goes up and I refuse to get involved in the game because that is what “they” want to see happen. I don’t hold any office but I consider myself a community activist and very outspoken.

Don’t blame me because one black man get caught up in their game. I ain’t in the game so until I get caught up don’t blame me.

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